Exploring the Best Features of Windows 8.1 Apps

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Exploring the World of Windows 8.1 Apps

Hello, I’m Tracy. As a tech writer and enthusiast, it’s my passion to simplify the complex world of technology. Today we’re going to explore the realm of Windows 8.1 apps.

What are Windows 8.1 Apps?

Windows 8.1 apps, also known as Microsoft store apps, are applications specifically designed for the Windows 8.1 operating system. These apps are highly interactive and touch-friendly. They are designed with simplicity and functionality in mind and work seamlessly with the Windows 8.1 interface.

Critical Features of Windows 8.1 Apps

Windows 8.1 apps leverage unique features that distinguish them from traditional desktop software. These include live tiles that update in real-time, notifications, sharing capabilities, and flexibility to work across multiple devices synchronously.

Top Windows 8.1 Apps You Should Explore

Users can browse through numerous applications across different categories such as productivity, entertainment, lifestyle, etc. Some of my personal recommendations include Skype for communication, Office 365 for productivity, Adobe Photoshop Express for photo editing, and Flipboard for a tailored news reading experience.

App Purchase and Management

All Windows 8.1 apps are available for download and purchase in the Microsoft Store. Remember that some apps are free, while others might require a one-time payment or a subscription. You can manage all your downloaded apps through the Windows start screen by simply right-clicking on the app and choosing the desired action from the pop-up menu.


While it’s clear that a shift towards mobile-friendly apps is unavoidable, Windows 8.1 provides a step closer to this future by offering an app-focused interface. Navigating this new world might seem daunting, but don’t worry—I’m here to help simplify the journey for you.

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