Master Skype: Essential Chatting Tricks You Must Know

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Unlocking the Potential of Skype with These Chatting Tricks

Hello readers! It’s Tracy here with some great tips on Skype chatting tricks. As we all know, Skype is one of the most popular communication tools today for both business and personal purposes. But are you getting the most out of it? In this article, we will explore some advanced features and hacks you might be missing out on!

1. Utilizing Keyboard Shortcuts

Skype chatting can be even smoother if you learn some of the useful keyboard shortcuts. For instance, pressing Ctrl + Shift + P during a chat starts a video call, while Ctrl + M mutes the microphone. Discover more of these handy shortcuts to expedite your Skype experience.

2. Making the Most of Emoticons

Did you know that there is a hidden world of Skype emoticons waiting for you? By typing specific characters, you can spice up your chats with special emoticons. For instance, typing (bug) results in a bug emoticon. Have fun exploring these fun and interesting Skype features!

3. Sending Files More Efficiently

A lot of people don’t realize that Skype enables you to send multiple files at once. You can simply press the Ctrl button and select multiple files to send during your chat, making file transfer a breeze.

4. Use the Quote Feature

To refer back to a previous message, simply right-click on the specific message, click ‘Copy Message’, then paste it into your reply. This will create a quoted message for easy referencing in your conversation.

5. Customizing Notifications

If the constant notifications on Skype are a distraction, you can customize it based on your preferences. You can choose to disable or mute notifications, or even personalize them for specific contacts.


These are just a few Skype chatting tricks that could enhance your user experience. Remember that the key to mastering any tech is through exploring and experimenting. So, go ahead and discover new ways to make Skype work for you.

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