Understanding Your Problem: Why is My Blink Camera Displaying in Black and White?

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A. Brief Introduction of Blink Cameras
Blink Cameras provide a versatile home security solution, designed to offer peace of mind through real-time footage. Their small, subtle design, coupled with wireless capabilities and the ability to stream directly to your smartphone, make them popular options for homeowners.

B. Overview of the problem: Blink Camera showing black and white images
However, like all electronic devices, Blink Cameras can encounter issues. One such issue is the camera displaying only black and white images. This article endeavours to explain why this might happen and how to correct it.

Understanding Blink Cameras

A. Capabilities of Blink cameras
Blink cameras offer high-resolution video, motion detection, two-way audio, and temperature sensors. They also provide night vision capabilities, allowing for clear images even in low light conditions.

B. Different models and specifications
There are various models of Blink cameras available, including the Blink Indoor, Blink Outdoor, and Blink Mini. Each model has slightly different specifications, but all are designed to provide reliable surveillance.

C. Understanding black and white modes in a camera
It’s important to understand that cameras can display black and white images for a number of reasons. These typically involve the camera’s infrared mode, light conditions, or camera settings.

Why your blink camera could be in black and white mode

A. Infrared mode: Explanation and detailed description
Infrared, or IR, mode allows cameras to capture images in dark conditions. When there isn’t enough light for a full-color image, the camera switches to IR mode, which results in black and white images.

B. Low light conditions: Description of how light affects camera recording
When the lighting conditions fall below a certain level, your camera may find it difficult to record color images and thus default to black and white. This is often a normal response to low light conditions.

C. Camera settings: Explaining the possibility of an error in the camera settings
Sometimes, the black and white images may be due to an error or misconfiguration in the camera settings.

How to fix a Blink Camera in black and white mode

A. Checking and adjusting your blink camera settings
One of the first ways to address this issue is by checking your camera settings and adjusting if necessary. This should help you determine if the issue is settings-related.

B. Adjusting light conditions and the impact on camera recording
Installing additional light sources or adjusting the camera’s position can ensure it receives adequate light to function properly.

C. Resetting your Blink camera
A factory reset of the Blink camera can be a viable solution, but remember to save any necessary information beforehand as all the data will be lost.

D. Contacting Blink customer support: When and why
If the issue persists, it may be time to reach out to Blink customer support for professional assistance.

Preventive Measures

A. Maintenance tips to prevent your camera from going black and white
Regularly cleaning the camera lens and ensuring firmware is up-to-date can prevent many technical issues, including the black and white display.

B. Ensuring adequate lighting for your security cameras
Ensuring your cameras are positioned where there is sufficient lighting will improve their functioning and avoid the black and white mode.

C. Proper positioning of Blink cameras
Positioning the camera towards a light source, rather than away from it, can help lessen the chances of a black and white display.


A. Recap of the reasons why a Blink camera could be in black and white mode and how to fix it
Having explored various reasons that could lead your Blink camera to display in black and white mode, ranging from infrared mode to camera settings, we can confidently say that these issues can be quickly resolved, keeping your security apparatus strong.

B. Emphasizing the importance of security cameras in providing security
Remember that regular maintenance and attention to detail can keep your security cameras, including the Blink range, located in key positions around your home, functioning optimally. This ensures that you can continue to rely on them for your safety and peace of mind.


1. What is Infrared mode in Blink cameras?

Infrared mode is also known as night vision. It allows the camera to capture images even in low-light or dark conditions by emitting IR light that is invisible to the human eye. The light reflects off objects, allowing the camera to capture them, albeit in black and white.

2. Will resetting my Blink camera fix the black and white issue?

A factory reset can sometimes fix technical issues, including the black and white image problem. However, before performing a reset, do note that all of your settings and data will be lost.

3. How exactly does low light condition cause my Blink camera to go black and white?

In low light conditions, Blink cameras automatically switch to IR mode to provide better visibility. This results in black and white images.

4. Are there specific models of Blink cameras that are more prone to this issue?

No, all models are designed to switch to black and white under certain conditions, such as low light or specified settings.

5. How can I prevent my Blink camera from going into black and white mode in the future?

Proper positioning, ensuring good lighting and regular maintenance can help to prevent your camera from defaulting to black and white mode.

6. How can I contact Blink customer service for assistance?

You can reach out to Blink customer service through the ‘Contact Us’ page on their official website.

7. Is it normal for my Blink camera to switch to black and white mode occasionally?

Yes, this is normal. Blink cameras will switch to black and white mode, or night vision, when the light levels are low.

8. Does the black and white mode of Blink cameras affect the quality of the images or videos captured?

Black and white mode, or night vision, provides visibility in low light but the images captured are not as detailed as full-color images.

9. Is it possible to manually switch my Blink camera to black and white mode?

Blink cameras switch to black and white mode automatically based on light conditions. As of now, there is no option to manually make this change.