Understanding the Signals: Why is Alexa Flashing Green and Yellow?

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In this digital age, home automation is no longer a luxury; it’s a necessity. At the forefront of this revolution is Amazon’s Alexa, an impressive and immersive smart voice assistant transforming households across the globe. Despite its undeniable efficiency, Alexa, at times, may exhibit behavior such as flashing different light indicators that leave users puzzled. In our discussion today, we’ll crack the code of why your Amazon Alexa device might be flashing green or yellow.

Alexa’s Light Color System

Understanding Alexa’s Color Signals

Like traffic signals, Amazon’s Alexa uses various colors to indicate specific events or statuses. These color indicators serve as visual cues, supplementing Alexa’s voice feedback.

Decoding Common Color Indicators

Typically, Alexa flashes blue when processing a command or when in setup mode, purple indicates Do Not Disturb mode or Wifi setup issues, red signals microphone off, while green and yellow are a tad more complex, which will be the focus of our discussion.

Why is Alexa Flashing Green?

Unraveling the Green Flash Mystery

A rapidly flashing green light on your Alexa device suggests you have an incoming call or Drop-In call from one of your Alexa contacts. This green light starts blinking when your Alexa device is serving as an intercom within your home or if you have connected your Alexa with your smartphone and have an incoming call.

The Case of Continuously Flashing Green

If the green light on your Alexa is flashing persistently, it is possible you have missed a call. Alexa is trying to alert you about your missed call or messages.

Resolving the Flashing Green Dilemma

To resolve this issue, simply say Alexa, answer call or Alexa, Play my messages to stop the flashing green light.

Deciphering Alexa’s Flashing Yellow

Why Does Alexa Flash Yellow?

A yellow light from Alexa indicates that you have a message or a notification waiting in your inbox. Amazon uses the flashing yellow light to discreetly inform you of any updates without disturbing your routine.

Alexa Flashing Yellow Persistently

If you see Alexa flashing yellow continuously, you have multiple unread messages in your Alexa app.

Fixing the Flashing Yellow Scenario

To stop the flashing yellow light, ask Alexa to read your messages or notifications by saying Alexa, read my notifications. Once all messages are read, the yellow light will stop flashing.

Alexa Flashing Green and Yellow

Investigating Green and Yellow Flashes

Alexa flashing both green and yellow in alternation is not typical. Unfortunately, Amazon has yet to specify what this could mean.

Distinguishing Between Green-Yellow and Single Flashing Lights

Green-yellow flashing is different from when Alexa flashes green or yellow separately. Each color is assigned a particular function; simultaneous flashes may indicate that Alexa is trying to alert you of dual functions at the same time.

Rectifying Green and Yellow Flashing Issue

In case you’re facing a persistent green-yellow flashing issue, resetting your device can help. If the issue persists, contact Amazon customer support.

Common Troubleshooting for Alexa’s Light Signals

A Simple Troubleshooting Guide

For any light flashing issues, begin by checking if there are any pending notifications or calls. Look in the Alexa app for alerts that may be causing Alexa to flash the lights. If all else fails, a device reset might be in order.

Reaching Out to Amazon’s Technical Support

If troubleshooting doesn’t resolve the problem, or if the flashing becomes a regular occurrence, it may be time to reach out to Amazon’s technical support for further assistance.

Interpreting Other Color Flashes on Alexa

Comparing Different Color Flashes

On top of green and yellow, Alexa uses various other colors to indicate different statuses or commands. For example, a spinning violet light could mean there’s an issue with the Wi-Fi while a continuously lit cyan light signifies that Alexa is responding to your request.

Responding to Different Colored Echoes’ Light Flashes

Each color has its own directive. By understanding these color codes, users can better utilize their devices and solve any potential issues they may face.


Amazon’s color coding system in Alexa makes user interaction smoother and hassle-free. This article offers an exhaustive explanation about green and yellow flashes, hopefully making it easier for you to understand and respond to Alexa’s signals.


Does Alexa flashing green mean someone is calling?

Yes, a rapidly flashing green light indicates an incoming call or Drop-In from your Alexa contacts.

What does it mean when Alexa’s light is yellow?

The flashing yellow light means that you have a unread message or a notification.

How do I stop Alexa from flashing green or yellow?

To stop Alexa from flashing green, answer the call or the message. To stop Alexa from flashing yellow, ask Alexa to read your messages or notifications.

What do other color light signals from Alexa mean?

Various color signals represent different actions. For example, a blue light means Alexa is processing a command, while a red light indicates the microphone is off.

What should I do when Alexa continues to flash green or yellow despite troubleshooting efforts?

If Alexa keeps on flashing green or yellow despite your troubleshooting efforts, you should contact Amazon’s technical support.

Does the light on my Alexa mean it’s recording?

Yes, a continuously lit cyan light signifies that Alexa is active or interacting with your commands, which implies recording.