Step-by-step Guide: How to Connect Alexa to a New Wifi Network Without Using an App

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Alexa, Amazon’s voice-activated virtual assistant, has been making waves in smart homes worldwide. This artificially intelligent assistant, which resides in Amazon Echo devices, has transformed the way we perform daily tasks, entertain ourselves, and even communicate with our homes. But, much like a fish needs water, Alexa needs Wi-Fi to truly thrive. From answering trivia questions to controlling your smart home devices, Wi-Fi breathes life into Alexa. This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of connecting your Alexa device to a new Wi-Fi network without the use of an app.

Importance of Having Alexa connected to Wifi

When connected to Wi-Fi, Alexa becomes your personal assistant, capable of performing an array of tasks. Alexa can play music, provide weather updates, set reminders and alarms, and even control smart home devices. Essentially, Wi-Fi is Alexa’s lifeline, transforming it from an ordinary speaker into an extraordinary personal assistant.

However, what if Alexa is not connected to Wi-Fi? Simply put, it becomes as useful as a brick. Without Wi-Fi, Alexa cannot complete any tasks, rendering it useless.

Sometimes you might find it necessary to connect Alexa to a new Wi-Fi network. Perhaps you’ve changed your internet provider or you want to move Alexa to a different room that’s out of range of your current network. In such scenarios, you need to know how to connect Alexa to a new Wi-Fi network, and in some cases, without an app.

Steps to Connect Alexa to new Wifi without App


To connect Alexa to Wi-Fi, you’ll need your Wi-Fi network name and password. Make sure your Echo device is plugged into a power source.


Switching Alexa to setup mode

Press and hold the ‘Action’ button on your Echo device until the light ring turns orange. This signifies setup mode.

Connecting a PC or smartphone to Alexa

Open Wi-Fi settings on your PC or smartphone. A Wi-Fi network with the name of your Echo device (e.g., Amazon-XXX) should be visible. Connect to it.

Accessing Alexa’s web interface

Open any web browser and enter or http://amazon.setup into the address bar. A new window to Alexa should appear.

Connecting to a new Wifi network

Select your new Wi-Fi network from the list available and enter the password. Alexa will connect to the new network.


If Alexa fails to connect to your new Wifi, ensure the device is within a good range of the router. Also, verify your network name and password and try again. If the problem persists, a device restart or factory reset may solve the issue. If none of these work, contact the Amazon support team for further assistance.


Connecting your Alexa device to a new Wi-Fi network without an app might seem daunting, but it’s actually a simple, straightforward process. Once you understand the steps, it’s very doable. I encourage you to further explore the capabilities that Alexa offers, and continue enhancing your smart home experience.


What if my Alexa device does not show in my network choices?

Ensure your device is in setup mode. The light ring should be orange.

Can Alexa be connected to Wifi without an app at all times?

While this method only requires a computer or smartphone, an app generally makes the setup process easier.

What to do if my Alexa device fails to connect to a new Wifi?

Try resetting your Alexa device or router. If problems persist, you may need to contact Amazon Support.

Why is Alexa not connecting to Wifi despite inputting everything correctly?

You may be too far from your router, experiencing interference from other devices, or your Wi-Fi may be down.

Is it possible to connect Alexa to new Wifi without Amazon support?

Yes, this guide outlines how to connect Alexa to new Wifi without Amazon support or the use of an app.

What are the potential issues I might face during the new Wifi connection process?

Common issues include Alexa not registering the new Wi-Fi network, connection dropouts, or not being able to reach setup mode.

Are there alternative ways to connect Alexa to a new network?

Yes, the Alexa app is the traditional method for connecting your Echo device to a new network.