Troubleshooting Guide: What to Do When Your Wemo Smart Plug is Not Detected

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The development of smart, internet-connected devices has reshaped the world, making our lives simpler and more streamlined in many ways. One such device is the Wemo smart plug, a device that allows you to control home appliances from anywhere through your mobile device. But what happens when your Wemo smart plug is not detected? This guide aims to provide useful insights about the Wemo smart plug and help resolve the issue of detection.

Understanding Wemo smart plug and how it works

The Wemo smart plug is an ingenious miniature device that fits into any electrical outlet in your home, allowing you to control various appliances remotely. Whether it’s turning on a lamp, heating up your kettle, or monitoring energy usage, the Wemo smart plug gives you hands-free control over your devices.

Functions and technology behind Wemo smart plug

Equipped with a Wi-Fi module, the Wemo smart plug connects to your home network, enabling you to control your appliances through the corresponding mobile app. Utilizing your smartphone, you can schedule on/off times, control devices manually, or set up rules for automated functionality.

Device compatibility and network requirements for Wemo smart plug operation

For the optimal functioning of the Wemo smart plug, it’s necessary that the device, usually a smartphone or tablet, is compatible with the Wemo app. The app supports both iOS (9 or higher) and Android (4.4 or higher) devices. As for network requirements, a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network is essential for the plug to properly connect and operate.

Common Reasons why Wemo Smart Plug may not be Detected

When your Wemo smart plug is not detected, the problem could stem from several reasons. It’s always useful to understand these potential causes to effectively troubleshoot.

Network Connection Issues

For your Wemo smart plug to function properly, a stable network connection is imperative. It’s often the case that network congestion or weak Wi-Fi signals can lead to your Wemo smart plug not being detected.

Device Incompatibility

If the device you’re trying to control your Wemo smart plug from is either too old or not supported, you may have issues detecting the smart plug. Always double-check your device’s compatibility with the Wemo app.

Outdated Software/Firmwares

Running an outdated version of the Wemo app or firmware of the smart plug can create various issues, including detection problems.

Distance from the Router

The further your Wemo smart plug is from the router, the weaker the Wi-Fi signal, possibly leading to detection issues.

Troubleshooting methods to solve the detection issue of Wemo smart plug

Issues with your Wemo smart plug not being detected can be resolved by various methods. Follow the below steps to troubleshoot your Wemo smart plug.

Checking and improving network connection

Assess the strength of your Wi-Fi signal. If needed, move your router to a central location, or use signal boosters to extend your network’s reach.

Checking device compatibility

If your device is not compatible with the Wemo app, you may need to update your device or use an alternate device that meets the right criteria.

Updating Software

Update your Wemo smart plug firmware and the Wemo app to ensure they’re running the latest versions.

Re-positioning the Smart Plug

Relocate your Wemo smart plug to a closer position to the router to enhance Wi-Fi signal reception.


Restart the Wemo smart plug or perform a factory reset.

How to Prevent Wemo Smart Plug Detection Issues in the Future

Regularly updating the software

To avoid potential issues, regularly update the Wemo’s firmware and the Wemo app.

Good network setup

Maintain a strong, reliable network connection, positioning your router in an optimal location and using a strong and stable internet service.

Ensuring device compatibility

Choose your controlling device wisely, ensuring it supports the Wemo app.


With the above potential problems and solutions, you can troubleshoot and fix any Wemo Smart plug detection issues. Remember, with the right network setup, device compatibility, software updates, and smart plug positioning, your Wemo smart plug should function seamlessly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is a Wemo smart plug?

A Wemo smart plug is an internet-connected device that allows remote control of your home’s appliances through your mobile device.

Why is my Wemo smart plug not detected?

Several reasons such as network connection issues, device incompatibility, outdated software, or the smart plug’s distance from the router can attribute to your Wemo smart plug not being detected.

What devices are compatible with Wemo smart plug?

The Wemo plug is compatible with iOS (9.0 and above) and Android (4.4 and up) powered devices.

How can I update the Wemo smart plug software?

You can update the smart plug software through the Wemo app.

How to reset a Wemo smart plug?

You can reset a Wemo smart plug by holding down the reset button for five seconds until the LED light starts flashing.

Can distance from the router affect the functioning of the Wemo smart plug?

Yes, if the Wemo smart plug is too far from the router, the weak Wi-Fi signal can lead to detection and functioning issues.

How can I maintain my network connection for my Wemo smart plug?

Ensure your router is centrally located, regularly update your router firmware, and consider a signal booster if necessary.