Step-by-Step Guide: How to Reset a Wemo Smart Plug Correctly

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As the world gradually shifts towards smart homes, the Wemo smart plug is becoming a must-have device for tech-savvy homeowners. This small yet powerful device adds a layer of convenience and automation to our everyday routines by enabling us to control home appliances remotely using a smartphone or voice commands. This article aims to address one common challenge that these smart plug users often encounter – how to reset a Wemo smart plug.

Understanding Wemo Smart Plug

Wemo Smart Plug Features

Wemo smart plugs are known for their advanced features. They are WiFi-enabled, allow remote access, are compatible with platforms like Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Apple Homekit, and don’t require a hub. These plugs even have an ‘Away Mode’ that randomly turns lights on and off to give the illusion that someone is home.

How Wemo Smart Plug Works

Once it’s plugged into an outlet, the Wemo smart plug functions as a bridge between your appliance and the WiFi network. Through a dedicated app on your smartphone, you can control any device that’s connected to the smart plug from anywhere in the world.

Setting Up Your Wemo Smart Plug

Easy setup is another feather in the cap of Wemo smart plugs. All you need to do is download the Wemo app, plug the device into an outlet, connect it to your home WiFi using the app, and finally, plug your appliance into the Wemo smart plug. Simple, isn’t it?

Why Resetting Your Wemo Smart Plug Might Be Necessary

Issues That May Require a Reset

At times, your Wemo smart plug might stop responding or exhibit erratic behavior due to WiFi connection issues, software glitches, or power surges. It might require a reset to restore its original settings and functionality.

The Importance of Resetting Wemo Smart Plug

Resetting your Wemo smart plug helps to clear any temporary glitches and restores it to the factory default settings. This is a crucial step in troubleshooting and resolving most issues the smart plug might encounter.

Steps to Reset Wemo Smart Plug

Preparation Before Resetting

Before resetting, ensure that your smart plug is plugged into a functioning power outlet and connected to your home WiFi network.

Resetting the Wemo Smart Plug

The procedure is straightforward. Press and hold the reset button located on the bottom or side of the plug for about 5-10 seconds until the LED light starts blinking orange and white alternately. Once it goes through a cycle of blinking colors and finally settles on a solid green, your smart plug has been successfully reset.

Possible Complications and Solutions

Sometimes, the reset operation may not go as smoothly due to a weak WiFi signal or a nonresponsive plug. In such cases, try bringing the plug closer to your router, or unplug and plug it in again before attempting to reset.

Troubleshooting After Reset

Post-reset Issues

After resetting the Wemo smart plug, you may encounter challenges like a non-responsive app, failed reconnection to the WiFi network, or failure to control the appliances.

Solving Post-reset Problems

You can usually fix these problems by reinstalling the Wemo app, optimizing your WiFi signal strength or rebooting your router, and verifying whether the appliance is properly plugged in and operational.


Resetting your Wemo smart plug is a simple task that could resolve numerous technical issues. Remember, maintaining your smart plug properly can ensure it continues to provide the convenience and control you love about smart home technology.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do if my Wemo smart plug still doesn’t work after resetting?

If you continue to have issues even after the reset, it might be due to a hardware issue, in which case you should contact Belkin customer service for assistance.

How do I know if my Wemo smart plug has been successfully reset?

A successfully reset Wemo smart plug will have a solid green LED light.

Does resetting the Wemo smart plug erase all my settings?

Yes, resetting your Wemo smart plug will erase all prior settings and restore it to factory defaults.

How often should I reset my Wemo smart plug?

There’s no set frequency for resetting your smart plug. It’s usually done as a troubleshooting step when the plug isn’t functioning correctly.

Can resetting my Wemo smart plug cause damage to the device?

No, resetting your Wemo smart plug won’t damage the device. It simply restores it to its original factory settings.