Troubleshooting Guide: Reasons Why Your Wyze Camera Won’t Connect and How to Fix It

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In the realm of smart technology and home security, Wyze cameras have established a robust reputation. These surveillance devices offer high definition video, two-way communication and elements like infrared night vision. However, like any piece of tech, they can encounter periodic hiccups. Among the most common is the issue of connection – that nagging question, Why won’t my Wyze camera connect? Establishing a secure link is crucial to enjoy all the innovative features a Wyze camera brings to your home security setup. This article is a comprehensive guide that attempts to offer solutions to this common problem.

Understanding why a Wyze camera may not connect

Firstly, one needs to have a basic understanding of Wyze connectivity. Wyze cameras connect to your home Wi-Fi network, and through this, they link to your smartphone for easy control and streaming live footage. Should the connectivity falter at any point, these features become inaccessible leaving users in a puzzled state. Several contributing factors could lead to your Wyze camera not connecting as expected.

Common Causes for Wyze Camera Not Connecting

Weak or unstable Wi-Fi signal

A weak or unstable Wi-Fi signal is often the primary culprit when your Wyze camera can’t connect. If your camera is too far from the router or hindered by obstacles such as thick walls, the signal strength suffers, causing lapses in connection.

Incorrect password credentials

Entering incorrect Wi-Fi credentials during setup could also cause a missed connection. It’s easy to overlook typos or small discrepancies, especially with complex passwords.

Outdated Wyze Camera firmware

Keeping your devices updated ensures optimal performance. If your device is running on outdated firmware, it could introduce connectivity issues.

Incompatible router settings

Certain router settings might not play well with the Wyze camera. If your router’s security settings are incompatible, this could prevent your camera from connecting.

Physical obstructions that impact connectivity

Sometimes, physical obstructions can create signal degradation, causing your Wyze camera to have trouble connecting to the Wi-Fi network.

Fixing the Problems

Now that we’ve covered potential causes, let’s explore how to resolve these issues.

How to check and improve Wi-Fi signal strength

One of the initial steps should be to use a Wi-Fi analyzer app to determine signal strength. If the signal is weak, consider moving the router or camera to a better location or add an extender to boost range.

Checking and resetting Wyze camera Password

Should you enter the incorrect password during setup, the connection will undoubtedly fail. Double-check your Wi-Fi credentials and try reconnecting your camera.

Updating Wyze Camera firmware

Check if any updates exist for your camera’s firmware through the Wyze app. Regular firmware updates can fix bugs and enhance overall functionality.

Adjusting router settings for compatibility

If none of the solutions above work, it could be that your router settings are incompatible. Refer to the Wyze camera and your router’s manuals, or reach out to their customer support for ideal router settings.

Checking and eliminating physical barriers which might affect connection

Look for physical obstacles that might be degrading your Wi-Fi signal. Walls, mirrors, or other devices can interfere with your signal strength. Change your camera’s location if necessary.

Advanced Troubleshooting

Factory resetting the Wyze camera

If everything fails, planning for a factory reset could be your final straw. The reset operation will take your Wyze cam back to its initial state, and you can start fresh.

Contacting Wyze Customer Service for assistance

If you’re still experiencing issues, it’s time to bring in the big guns – Wyze’s customer service. The dedicated support teams can guide you through the process and help you up and running.

Preventive Measures

Take the following preventive measures to ward off future connectivity problems:

· Maintain a strong Wi-Fi signal.
· Regularly update Wyze camera firmware.
· Ensure correct router settings.
· Regularly check both the physical position and the condition of the camera.


While it can be frustrating when your Wyze camera won’t connect, remember, most issues have simple solutions. Whether it’s adjusting your Wi-Fi signal strength, entering proper password credentials, installing firmware updates, tweaking router settings or eliminating physical obstructions, you now have a blueprint to tackle the connection issues efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if my Wyze camera won’t connect to my network?

Try the troubleshooting guides listed above. These include checking your Wi-Fi signal strength, ensuring you have the correct password, updating your camera’s firmware, looking at router settings and eliminating physical obstacles.

Does Wyze camera constantly need to be connected to Wi-Fi?

Yes, for optimal functioning and live streaming, the Wyze camera needs a constant, stable Wi-Fi connection.

Why does my Wyze camera keep saying ‘Connection Failed’?

This message typically indicates a problem with the Wi-Fi network or the device’s connectivity. Refer to the above sections for possible solutions.

Can I connect my Wyze camera directly to my computer or phone?

The Wyze camera connects to your device via the Wyze app, using the same Wi-Fi network. It cannot be directly linked to your computer or phone without Wi-Fi.

How do I reset my Wyze cam if it won’t connect?

Locate the reset button under the camera’s base, use a pin to hold it down for at least five seconds until you hear a voice prompt, indicating the camera is resetting. If the connection still fails after a reset, contact Wyze support for further assistance.