Troubleshooting Guide: How to Fix Steam Error Code 118 Effectively

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Avid gamers will recognize Steam as a powerhouse in the gaming industry. As a digital distribution platform developed by Valve Corporation, Steam offers an extensive library of games, software, and related media to gamers across the globe. Unquestionably, its popularity is unmatched, boasting a user base of millions. Notwithstanding, encountering Steam Error Code 118 can be a significant glitch, dampening the overall gaming experience.

Steam Error Code 118, though not common, is an error that creates disconnection between the Steam’s servers and the user’s computer, rendering it impossible to shop, browse, or even download updates. This article serves as a comprehensive guide to understanding, diagnosing, and troubleshooting this error.

Understanding Steam Error Code 118

Steam Error Code 118 primarily results in an unsuccessful connection to the Steam servers. This error typically manifests with messages like “Unable to connect to server. Server may be offline or you may not have connected to the internet. or “The Steam servers are currently too busy to handle your request.

Browsing the Steam store, community pages, or even launching most games might trigger the display of Steam Error Code 118. This error poses a serious disruption to the gaming experience as it prevents access to many of Steam’s services.

Common Causes of Steam Error Code 118

Several factors could be responsible for Steam Error Code 118. The most common causes include:

Network Issues

Occasionally, network problems may disrupt the connection between your computer and Steam servers, leading to the error.

Firewall Blocking Steam

In some instances, Steam Error Code 118 may be caused by Windows Firewall or antivirus software assuming Steam’s connection as a security threat, hence blocking it.

Unavailability of Steam Servers

If Steam servers are currently unavailable or undergoing maintenance, users may encounter this error.

Outdated Steam Software

Using an outdated version of the Steam software might also be a reason why you may encounter the Steam Error Code 118.

How to Fix Steam Error Code 118

If you’re plagued with Steam Error Code 118, applying the following fixes should rectify the issue:

Restarting the System

Often, a simple system restart can resolve this error— shutting down the computer and restarting clears the RAM and closes any background programs that may interfere with Steam.

Checking the Internet Connection

You need to check your internet connection for stability. If necessary, reset your router or modem.

Disabling the Windows Firewall or Antivirus Software Temporarily

There might be cases where your firewall or antivirus flags Steam as a threat. Disabling these temporarily might help ascertain if they are responsible for the error.

Updating the Steam Software or Application

Ensure that you have the latest version of the Steam application. If not, please update.

Comprehensive Guide to Fixing Steam Error Code 118

While already mentioned briefly, here’s a detailed guide on how you can fix this error:

Check the Internet Connection

1. Check the Ethernet cable to ensure it is securely attached.
2. Reset the router or modem to address possible network issues.
3. Test your internet speed to make sure it’s not too slow for Steam.

Disable the Windows Firewall or Antivirus Software Temporarily

1. In Windows Security settings, navigate to Firewall & Network Protection.
2. Choose your network profile.
3. Switch the Microsoft Defender Firewall to Off.
4. Remember to turn it back On after testing to avoid making your system vulnerable.

Updating the Steam Software or Application

1. Open Steam and click on Steam in the upper left-hand corner.
2. From the drop-down menu, select Check for Steam Client Updates.
3. Follow the prompt to update if any updates are available.

Preventive Measures of Steam Error Code 118

To prevent encountering Steam Error Code 118, consider the following measures:

Regularly Updating Steam Software

Make sure to regularly update your Steam software to its latest version.

Ensuring a Stable Internet Connection

Maintain a strong and steady internet connection to prevent network-related errors.

Regular Check on Firewall and Antivirus Configurations

Ensure that your firewall or antivirus settings are not blocking Steam’s connection.

Regular System Restating

Rebooting your system regularly can also help prevent this type of error from occurring.


While Steam Error Code 118 can be an annoyance for gamers, understanding its causes can ease its resolution. By practicing preventative measures like regular software updates and ensuring a stable internet connection, you can minimize its occurrence significantly. But when the dreaded error does show up, know it’s easily fixable with the steps outlined above.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Steam Error Code 118?

Steam Error Code 118 is an error generated when a user’s computer cannot connect to the Steam servers.

Can Steam Error Code 118 cause harm to my system?

No, the error poses no harm to your system. However, it disrupts your ability to access the Steam Store, game updates, and community pages.

Is it common to encounter Steam Error Code 118 when using Steam?

This error is not common but can happen occasionally due to network issues, firewall settings, and other factors outlined in the article.

Is restarting the system enough to fix the error?

Restarting the system might work for some users, but not for everyone. If the error persists, more fixes such as checking the internet connection and disabling the firewall might be needed.

How often should I update my Steam software to avoid such errors?

It is always recommended to update your Steam software whenever updates are available. Keeping your software updated ensures overall improved functionality and fixes for common bugs.

How can I ensure that my Firewall or antivirus is not blocking Steam?

Check your firewall settings and configure specific exceptions for Steam if necessary. Also, some antivirus software has an option to whitelist specific applications. Please consult the user manual or contact customer service for your specific antivirus for instructions.