Simple Steps to Eliminate ‘Suggested for You’ Notifications on Facebook

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Have you ever scrolled through your Facebook feed and wondered why certain posts, pages, or advertisements are displayed? These recommendations, known as Suggested For You, are features designed by Facebook to personalize your web-surfing experience. They’re based on the data that Facebook collects about your activity, interests, and overall online behavior. While many users appreciate this feature as it offers them relevant content, others see it as an infringement of their privacy or a source of unsolicited content. Understanding how to adjust these settings can enhance your browsing experience and conform more closely to your individual preferences.

Understanding Facebook’s Algorithm

Behind the ‘Suggested For You’ feature lies Facebook’s intriguing algorithm. It’s essentially a system that learns from your behavior on the platform. The more you engage with certain types of content, the more similar content will be displayed on your feed. The ‘Suggested For You’ algorithm is designed to maximize your time on Facebook by tailoring content precisely to your preferences, habits, and interests.

Main Topic: Steps to Reduce or Get Rid of ‘Suggested For You’ on Facebook

1. Adjust Your Interest Settings

First and foremost, understand that Facebook derives your interests based on your engagement with content. By adjusting your Interest Settings, you can tailor the type of content suggested for you.

Access your Interest Settings by clicking at the menu bar in the top-right corner of your Facebook Homepage. Then, navigate to Settings & Privacy > Settings > Ads > Ad settings > Advertisers and Businesses. Here you’ll have a list of interests classified into categories such as technology, lifestyle, education, etc. You can add or remove interests as per your preference.

2. Control Ads Based on Your Activity

Facebook displays ads based on your online activity both on and off the platform. You can adjust these settings by visiting the ‘Your Ad Preferences’ page by following the same pathway as above. By turning off the Ads based on your activity option, you deter Facebook from delivering personalized ads.

3. Clear Your Facebook Search History

Your ‘Suggested For You’ contents are significantly influenced by your search history. By clearing it, you can disrupt this influence. You can clear your search history by going to your profile > activity log > more > search history > clear searches.

4. Use ‘Hide Ad’ Option

When a particular ad shows up on your feed, you have the choice to ‘Hide Ad.’ Using it consistently communicates to Facebook’s algorithm the type of content you appreciate.

V. Effect of Adjustment on User Experience

After applying these changes, expect a considerable shift in the content being recommended to you. While the ‘Suggested For You’ feature will not completely disappear, the content suggested will better represent your personal preferences and search habits.

V. Staying Safe—Maintaining One’s Privacy on Facebook.

Despite Facebook’s attempt to personalize your experience, your online privacy should be paramount. Ensure to periodically review your privacy settings, like ‘Who can see your future posts’, ‘Who can send you friend requests’, and ‘Do you want search engines outside of Facebook to link to your profile.’


Facebook’s ‘Suggested For You’ is a bane or boon depending on user perspective. Learning how to manipulate these settings not only enables a personalized digital space but also gives you control over what you see and when you see it.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does Facebook suggest specific content to me?

Facebook’s ‘Suggested For You’ feature is a result of an algorithm that learns from your activity, interests, and engagement on the platform.

Will I stop seeing ads if I adjust the ‘Suggested For You’ settings?

No, adjusting the ‘Suggested For You’ settings will only affect the type of ads you see, not the quantity.

What other steps can I take to improve my privacy on Facebook?

You can limit who can see your posts, limit who can send you friend requests and decide whether search engines can link to your profile.

Are there any downsides to adjusting my Facebook settings?

If done excessively, you may miss out on relevant content or updates that could interest you.

Can I reverse the changes made if I decide I want to see ‘Suggested For You’ content again?

Yes, the changes are not permanent and can be adjusted at any point.