Step-by-Step Guide on How to Reset Cync Light for Efficient Operation

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A smart home is deemed incomplete without the presence of intelligent lighting solutions. One of unique solutions in modern homes is the Cync light, formerly known as C by GE. This smart lighting device augments your home’s ambience, aids in automation, and offers unrivaled convenience. However, just like any other device, the Cync light might need some troubleshooting once in a while, and resetting becomes the most viable option. This article provides a comprehensive guide on how to reset Cync light for optimal performance.

Understanding Cync Light and Its Function

Cync light bulbs define the epitome of innovative lighting technology. Fitting into everyday light fixtures, these bulbs are laden with features such as voice control compatibility, tunable white spectrum, scheduling capability, as well as motion and temperature sensing.

Cync light forms an integral part of home automation, offering users more than just comfort. It helps in energy efficiency, enhancing security, and generally improving the quality of life. However, sometimes Cync light may present glitches or fail to respond to the Cync app, thus necessitating a reset.

Common issues encountered with Cync light

Encountering problems with the Cync light bulb is not uncommon. Some issues include the bulb not responding to the Cync application commands, the light becoming overly dim, the bulb not turning on, or sporadic disconnection from the Wi-Fi network. In many instances, a simple reset can resolve these issues.

Before The Reset: Things to Know

Before embarking on the reset process, several factors should be taken into consideration.

Foremost, resetting your Cync light may cause data loss. This includes previous customized settings such as schedules or color adjustments. In terms of preparation, ensure that you have the necessary equipment, namely, the Cync light bulb and the Cync or C by GE app installed and updated on your smartphone.

Step-by-Step Guide: How to Reset Cync Light

A reset can either be done manually or using the Cync app.

First, to turn off the Cync light, simply press the power button on the device or from the app itself.

Resetting Cync light through the Cync app

Launch the app and select the Controls tab. Navigate to the Lights section and select the bulb you want to reset. Tap on the settings icon, and select “Remove Light. The light will blink confirming the reset.

Manual reset procedure for the Cync light

Switch on the light and let it remain for about five seconds. Following this, quickly turn it off and back on again, repeating this cycle five times. On the fifth cycle, keep the bulb turned on. If done correctly, the light will blink, indicating a successful reset.

Regardless of the method used to reset, initiate the verification process by checking to see if the light responds to the commands via the app or the voice assistant.

Possible Issues during the Cync Light Reset

It is not always a smooth sail when resetting Cync light. You may encounter challenges like the bulb not responding even after correctly following the reset procedure.

A common resolution for issues encountered during resetting involves checking the compatibility of the device. If it is compatible and you are still facing issues, then consider reaching out to Cync customer support for further guidance.

After The Reset: Next Steps

After successfully resetting, the next step involves reconnecting your Cync light to the Cync app.

While setting up the bulb post-reset, try to customize the settings as per your preference but also ensure that it doesn’t overload the system to prevent future issues. Regular software updates are also vital for the optimal performance of your Cync light.


Resetting your Cync light can solve many issues related to its operation. Knowing how to reset Cync light is a handy skill that will save you time and improve your overall home automation experience. So do not hesitate to implement the reset process when necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Cync light?

A Cync light, formerly known as C by GE light, is a smart, energy-efficient LED light bulb that can be controlled remotely via an app or voice assistant.

Why would I need to reset my Cync light?

Resetting your Cync light might be necessary when facing issues with its operation such as non-responsiveness to the app’s commands, unexpected dimness or brightness, or erratic disconnections from Wi-Fi.

What are the steps to reset a Cync light?

Resetting can be done through the Cync app or manually by switching the light on and off in a specific sequence.

What do I do after resetting the Cync light?

After resetting, reconnect the Cync light to the Cync app and customize the settings as per your preference.

Are there potential issues I might face when resetting my Cync light?

In some cases, you might encounter issues such as the light not responding even after correctly following the reset procedure.

How do I prevent common issues related to the Cync light?

Ensuring regular updates of the Cync app, avoiding system overload and properly following the resetting procedure will help prevent common issues related to the Cync light.