Step-by-Step Guide: How to Reset C by GE Lights for Optimal Functionality

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Today’s tech-savvy homeowners enjoy immersing themselves in the world of smart home technology, more specifically, smart lighting. One of the games changers in this segment is the innovative C by GE lights that bring efficiency and convenience to your lighting needs. This revolutionary product, however, requires regular maintenance for optimal functionality. An essential part of this routine is the ability to carry out a reset. Whether you’re a seasoned user or a newbie, knowing how to reset C by GE lights could be the difference between frustration and a seamless user experience.

Understanding the Functionality of C by GE lights

The C by GE lights stands out with its impressive features that make it more than just an indoor lighting solution. The smart bulbs can change colors, dim lights, and even wake you up with a simulated sunrise. All these functions can be controlled effortlessly from the associated mobile application.

Mobile apps have revolutionized the way we interact with everyday insights. They give users the ability to control the lighting’s color, brightness, and timing, transforming an ordinary home into a comfort haven. However, the lights can sometimes lose their connection to these mobile apps or malfunction in other ways, necessitating a reset.

Stepwise Guide on How to Reset C by GE Lights

Preparing for the Reset Procedure

Begin by switching off the lights and unplugging them from the power source. Next, ensure that your mobile app is updated to the latest version (updating the app usually solves minor issues).

Soft Reset

1. Switch off the lights using the switch.
2. Wait for about five seconds and then switch them on for eight seconds.
3. Repeat the above steps for at least 4-5 times until the light bulb blinks.

A soft reset is generally necessary when the bulbs become unresponsive to the app’s commands.

Factory Reset

1. Turn off the lights.
2. Wait for five seconds then switch on the lights for eight seconds.
3. Repeat this process five times until the bulb blinks.
4. Once it blinks once, switch off the lights for 2 seconds and then switch them on for 8 seconds.

A factory reset is usually necessary when there are persistent connection issues with the app.

Troubleshooting Issues During Reset

Occasionally, some problems may arise, preventing you from successfully resetting your C by GE lights. Among the common issues, users face are bulb not blinking or the bulb resetting but failing to connect. These issues can generally be resolved by adjusting the timing of switching on and off the light during the reset attempt.

Tips and tricks in using C by GE lights

Stay updated with the latest software upgrades to keep your lights running optimally and make the most of its features. Also, always ensure that your mobile app is running the most recent version. If you’re experiencing problems even after resetting, restart your mobile device or reinstall the C by GE application.


Mastering the reset process of your C by GE lights is critical in maintaining the lifespan and efficiency of your smart lighting system. Understanding and following the right procedures will ensure that your smart lights serve you best while offering you a seamless use experience.


What to do if my C by GE lights fail to reset?

Begin by ensuring you’re following the right procedures and timing for the reset. If the problem persists, contact GE customer support.

How often should I reset my C by GE lights?

Usually, resetting is recommended only when you’re facing issues with the functionality of your lights.

Why isn’t my reset C by GE light connecting to my mobile app?

Ensure that your mobile app is updated and that your phone is close enough to the lights during the setup process.

Do C by GE lights have a lifespan?

Yes, like traditional bulbs, they have a lifespan, but it’s usually longer – up to 13.7 years based on three hours of operation per day.

Can C by GE lights work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, C by GE lights can function without Wi-Fi using Bluetooth but for full functionality and remote control, Wi-Fi is needed.