Step by Step Guide on Arlo Base Station Setup for Beginners

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The Arlo Base Station plays a crucial role in the operation of all Arlo cameras – from providing local backup storage to extending the camera’s battery life, the device offers a wide range of benefits. Therefore, it’s imperative to properly set up your Arlo Base Station to get the most out of your Arlo camera system.

What is Arlo Base Station?

Detailed Overview

An Arlo Base Station is at the very heart of Arlo Home Security Camera setup. This device connects to your home WiFi and communicates with your Arlo cameras to provide live streaming or recording functionalities.

Functionality and Key Features

The primary role of an Arlo Base Station is to manage the data traffic of your Arlo cameras. It helps in saving battery life by regulating the cameras’ sleep/wake schedule. It also provides local recording storage and a siren in some models.


There are primarily two types of Arlo Base Stations: the original Arlo Base Station compatible with Arlo, Arlo Pro, and Arlo Pro 2; and the more advanced Arlo SmartHub that supports all Arlo cameras and has improved processing capabilities.

Why Do You Need to Set Up an Arlo Base Station?

Need for the Base Station

The Arlo Base Station is a key component that ensures seamless connectivity between your Arlo cameras and your home network. Without it, the cameras cannot communicate effectively.

Benefits of Proper Setup

A properly set up Arlo Base Station ensures efficient data transfer, clears up your home WiFi bandwidth, aids battery optimization, and enables local backup storage. It also facilitates advanced features like a smart siren.

Pre-requisites for Arlo Base Station Setup

Equipment Required

To set up an Arlo Base Station, you’ll need the base station itself, an Ethernet cable (included), a power adapter (included), and an Arlo camera.

Internet Specifications

A high-speed internet connection with a minimum speed of 1Mbps is recommended. You will also need an available Ethernet port on your router.

Location Selection

Choose a central location for the Base Station, close to your router but also close to where you’ll install your Arlo cameras.

Step-by-step Guide for Arlo Base Station Setup

Unboxing and Understanding Parts

Open the Arlo package and acquaint yourself with all the items – base station, power adapter, Ethernet cable, and quick start guide.

Connecting to WiFi Router

Connect the base station to your router using the Ethernet cable provided.

Powering On and Syncing

Connect the power adapter and turn on the base station. Wait for the power and internet LED to turn green. Then, sync your Arlo cameras to the base station.

Setting up the Arlo Account

Create an Arlo account to manage your Arlo system and follow the prompts to set up the base station.

Pairing with the Arlo App

Login to the Arlo App and add your base station to the app following the prompts.

Troubleshooting Common Setup Issues

Installation Problems

Ensure your router and Arlo Base Station are close during setup. Make sure the power and internet LED indicators are green before you sync your cameras.

Error Codes Solutions

Most error codes during setup can be resolved by resetting the Base Station or reinstalling the Arlo App.

Tips for Successful Setup

Update your Arlo Base Station to the latest firmware before the setup. Use high-speed internet with minimum interference.

Optimizing Your Arlo Base Station

Ensuring Best Camera Coverage

Position your Base Station in a central location to ensure all cameras are within its range.

Maximizing WiFi Range

Avoid physical obstructions between the cameras and the base station. Update the firmware regularly for the best performance.

Additional Features

Ensure your Base Station is linked to your Arlo account to enjoy features like Smart Siren, local backup, and Smart alerts.


Setting up the Arlo Base Station is easy and straightforward if you follow the guide. A proper setup ensures you enjoy all the advanced features and functionalities provided by Arlo.


What to Do If the Arlo Base Station Won’t Connect?

Ensure your base station is close to your router and the internet indicator is green. Try a different Ethernet port or cable if needed.

How to Reset the Arlo Base Station?

Push the reset button at the back of the base station for 10 seconds using a paperclip.

How Far Can the Arlo Camera be from the Base Station?

For best results, keep your Arlo cameras within 300 feet from your base station.

How to Add Another Camera to the Arlo Base Station?

Activate the camera’s battery, open the Arlo app, select Add Device, and follow the prompts.

Troubleshooting Connectivity Issues with Arlo Base Station

Check and reset your internet connection. Make sure your base station is updated to the latest firmware.