Step-by-Step Guide: How to Reset a Wyze Camera to Default Settings

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Welcoming a Wyze Camera into your home or office adds an extra layer of security – an affordable, smart security solution that boasts sleek design and user-friendly application. But, as with any piece of technology, issues may arise that require you to reset your Wyze Camera. This could be due to software upgrades gone wrong, camera connectivity problems, or even a wish to start afresh with factory settings. Don’t be fazed – knowing how to reset your Wyze Camera is an essential part of owning and maintaining this device.

Understanding The Different Types of Resets

Resetting your Wyze Camera is not as intimidating as it sounds – it’s all about determining the kind of reset suitable for your current situation.

Factory Reset

A Factory reset reverts the device back to its factory default settings, a state just like its fresh-out-of-the-box status. This means all your settings, saved data, and customization will be erased. This is the most thorough reset type.

Soft Reset

A Soft Reset, unlike a Factory reset, retains all your camera’s personal settings – it merely reboots the device. This is great for addressing minor issues like glitches or freezes without losing any of your preferences.

How To Perform a Soft Reset on a Wyze Camera

A Soft Reset is the first recommended course of action when tackling minor camera problems. Let’s get started.

Steps Involved

1. Unplug the Wyze Camera power cord from the outlet.
2. Wait about 10 seconds.
3. Now, plug the power cord back into the outlet.

That’s it. It’s that simple to Soft Reset your Wyze Camera.

Common Challenges

Some may face challenges, such as the camera not responding even after a Soft Reset. If this is the case, a Factory Reset may be the next option to consider.

How To Perform a Factory Reset on a Wyze Camera

If a Soft Reset doesn’t solve the issue, or if you wish to wipe all your settings clean, a Factory Reset is the way to go.

Steps Involved

1. Firstly, unplug the power cord.
2. Then, locate a small SETUP button on the bottom of the Wyze Camera.
3. Press and hold this SETUP button while plugging the power cord back into the socket.
4. Keep holding the button until the LED light on the back of the camera becomes solid. This should take close to 20 seconds.
5. Upon release, the camera will reboot and restart in the factory default settings.

Common Challenges

Some users report having trouble locating the SETUP button or experiencing difficulty pressing the button while plugging the power cord in. If this occurs, seek assistance from a friend or use a small tool to press the button.

Precautions While Resetting a Wyze Camera

Although resetting your Wyze Camera is relatively simple, certain precautions need to be taken seriously.

Backing up Important Data

Before a Factory Reset, ensure that all your important videos and footage are safely backed up. This is crucial as a Factory Reset deletes all data saved on the Wyze Camera.

Correct Disconnection from Power Outlet

Always be careful when disconnecting and reconnecting the Wyze Camera from the power outlet to avoid potential electrical hazards.

Other Necessary Precautions

When pressing the SETUP button, use a non-metallic tool for safety reasons, and carefully plug the power cord back into the socket.

Post Reset: Setting Up Wyze Camera Again

After a reset, your Wyze Camera is ready for a fresh start.

Setting Up the Wyze Camera from Scratch

1. Install the Wyze App on your smartphone.
2. Log into your account, or create a new one if you’re a new user.
3. Follow the in-app instructions to connect your camera, which generally includes scanning a QR code provided by the Wyze App.

Connecting to Wi-Fi and Pairing with Wyze App

Think of this process as introducing your Wyze Camera to your home Wi-Fi network and the Wyze App. Make sure you’re connecting to a stable and secure Wi-Fi network.

Configuring Settings as per Preference

After you successfully pair with the Wyze App, customize your settings, such as alerts, notifications, privacy modes, and so on. Remember, these will be the settings you revert to for each Soft Reset.

Troubleshooting Post Reset Problems

Resetting opens up the possibility of unexpected glitches or issues. If these occur, this guide will provide help on addressing them.

Common Technical Issues Post Reset

Some common problems include not being able to pair with the Wi-Fi network or the Wyze App, or the camera not recording properly.

How to Address These Issues

Disconnecting and reconnecting the Wyze Camera, checking your Wi-Fi settings, or reinstalling the Wyze App should solve most issues.

When to Consider Technical Support

If all else fails, consider seeking technical support from Wyze. Remember, your device comes with a warranty and the customer support team are there to assist you.


Knowing how to reset your Wyze Camera – whether a Soft Reset or Factory Reset – is an essential part of managing your device. Take serious precautions, such as backing up important data and prioritizing safety when disconnecting and reconnecting the power cord. Once your camera is reset, make sure to follow the setup steps accurately and always reach out to Wyze Customer Support if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What to do if Wyze Camera won’t reset?

Make sure you follow the reset process closely. If you still face challenges, consider contacting Wyze customer service for expert assistance.

How to reset Wyze Camera without losing data?

Performing a Soft Reset wouldn’t erase your data, but if you’re doing a Factory Reset, make sure to backup your essential data first.

How to know if the Wyze Camera reset was successful?

Post reset, the Wyze Camera will boot up as if it’s being started for the first time. For Factory Resets, you will have to set up your camera from scratch.

How much time does a factory reset take on a Wyze Camera?

A factory reset itself doesn’t take more than a few minutes. However, the entire activity of data backup, reset, and setup can take up to an hour or more depending on your data and Wi-Fi speed.

What to do if Wyze Camera is not connecting to Wi-Fi post reset?

Check whether other devices could connect to the same Wi-Fi network. If they can, try disabling and enabling Wi-Fi on the Wyze App or reboot your router. If the issue persists, troubleshoot with Wyze support.