Mastering your Earbuds: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Change AirPod Pro Tips

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The Importance of Proper Maintenance of AirPods Pro

Maintenance is key in allowing your prized possession, the Apple AirPods Pro, to serve you optimally and for an extended period. One of the most crucial components that require cautious maintenance are the eartips. They impact your listening experience and comfort level, which informs why they need regular assessment and replacement when worn out. Proper maintenance keeps the functionality of your AirPods Pro upheld, fully exploiting their in-built noise cancellation feature, for instance.

Understanding what AirPods Pro Tips are

AirPods Pro tips, or eartips, are detachable silicone pieces that twist-attach to the earbuds’ stem. They noticeably contribute to your sound experience by maintaining a sealed noise-cancellation ecosystem when well fitted in your ear, thus preventing sound leakage. Additionally, they enhance your comfort level by staying fit in the ear without causing distress, even when used for long hours.

Frequency of Replacing Eartips

No timeline is cast in stone for the replacement of your AirPods Pro tips. However, it’s advisable to consider changing them every six to eight months, depending on usage. Factors influencing the durability of the eartips include: continually commuting in smoggy conditions, engaging in rigorous workouts, and a tendency of heavy wax buildup in your ears. All these call for a more frequent replacement interval.

Understanding AirPods Pro Tips

Available Different Sizes of AirPods Pro Tips

When out of the box, AirPods Pro come fitted with medium-sized eartips, with the inclusion of small and large options in the box, which are aimed at fitting diverse ear sizes. With the availability of these varied sizes, users are spoilt for choice and guaranteed of a comfortable, noise-canceling experience customized to the shape of their ear.

How to Identify Worn Out Eartips

Being vigilant in spotting wear and tear signs can spare you poor sound quality or irritation from your AirPods Pro. Main indicators to closely pay attention to include visible physical deformation, discolouration, or when the eartips seem unable to maintain a secure fit in the ear, causing constant slippage.

The Process of Changing AirPods Pro Tips

Necessary Materials

Changing the eartips is a hassle-free process requiring no special tools except for sets of new eartips for replacement purposes.

Removing the Old Eartips

To remove the old eartips, grasp the base of the eartip, then pull firmly. It might seem alarming, due to the force required, but Apple designed it to withstand such tension, so no need to fret!

Installing the New Eartips

To install the new eartips, align the oval-shaped connector on the eartip with the oval-shaped speaker driver opening on the earbud. Once aligned, push the eartip onto the earbud until a click sound is heard to indicate it’s fully attached.

Checking for a Good Fit

Ensuring a proper fit is crucial. Using the Apple Ear Tip Fit Test on your iPhone will be helpful. Found under Settings> Bluetooth> AirPods Pro> Ear Tip Fit Test, it uses microphones in each AirPod to determine whether the eartip seals well in the ear, guiding you in choosing the best-suited size.

Taking Care of Your AirPods Pro Tips after Changing Them

Cleaning Your Eartips

Maintaining cleanliness of the eartips ensures optimal performance. Use a soft, dry, lint-free cloth to clean them. Avoid moisture ingress into openings. The eartips can be rinsed with water but should never be put back before completely dry.

Pro Tips for Prolonging Your Eartips Lifespan

To lengthen your eartips’ durability, maintain a regular cleaning routine and store your AirPods Pro in their case when not in use. Furthermore, try to handle them with clean hands and avoid exposing them to harsh conditions like extreme temperatures or direct sunlight.


Recap of the Importance of Regularly Changing Eartips

From the listening experience to lending comfort to your ears, eartips for your AirPods Pro offer innumerable benefits. Regular replacements not only ensure you enjoy music or calls at their best, but they also prolong the lifespan of your AirPods Pro.

Encouragement for Regular Maintenance Habits

To experience the absolute exceptional power of AirPods Pro, users should aim to regularly replace eartips. Such maintenance habits will ensure that every listen is a memorable experience.

Closing Remarks

AirPods Pro are an impressive creation, offering an unbeatable sound experience when maintained properly. Understanding how to care for, when, and how to replace the eartips, users can extend their device lifespan and continually enjoy a superior sound experience.


How will I know the right size of eartips for me?

Apple provides an Ear Tip Fit Test to find the perfect size for you. It can be found under Settings> Bluetooth> AirPods Pro> Ear Tip Fit Test on your iPhone.

What if my eartips get lost, can I buy replacements?

Yes. If your eartips get lost or damaged, replacements can be bought from the Apple Store website.

Can the eartips be shared among multiple people?

For health reasons, it’s advisable not to share eartips. Regular cleaning is necessary if the eartips must be shared for some reason.