Ending the Loop: How to Stop Videos from Auto-Playing on Facebook

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Setting the Stage for Control

Greetings, I’m Tracy. As the dedicated owner of, we gather in spaces such as these to make tech less intimidating and more approachable to all. In the light of this, one of the contemporary tech concerns worth addressing is the autoplay feature observed on Facebook. When you scroll through your Facebook News Feed, videos automatically play without you having to press ‘Play’. It’s an interesting feature no doubt, saving you the need to click on videos before watching them.

However, this feature is not without its demerits. The automatic video playback can be somewhat inconvenient, especially when you’re in a quiet place and suddenly your trotting through your feed triggers a loud video. Furthermore, the autoplay significantly consumes data which could be conserved for other uses.

Understanding Facebook Video Autoplay

Facebook video autoplay strikes at the heart of one-time actions. The videos begin to play as soon as they appear on your screen. This is not limited to the videos posted by your friends or the pages you follow. It also includes advertisements, videos on your News Feed, and even Stories.

Moreover, the impact of auto-playing videos on data usage is quite significant. Since videos begin to play automatically without your input, they could eat into your data reserves excessively, especially if your Facebook usage is largely through mobile data.

Step-by-step Procedure to Stop Videos from Autoplaying on Facebook via Web Browser

If you prefer using Facebook on a web browser, here is how to modify the autopay settings.

1. Firstly, you need to log into your Facebook account.
2. Then, go towards the top right of Facebook, click on the small downward-facing triangle and select Settings & Privacy.
3. Next, select Settings.
4. On the left side menu, you will find ‘Videos’ at the bottom.
5. Click on it and then, on the right, you will find Auto-Play Videos and the option to choose your preference from Default, On or Off.

Detailed Process to Disable Autoplay Videos on Facebook Mobile App

For those who use the Facebook mobile app on either Android or iOS devices, here is how to change the autoplay settings.

1. On your Facebook app, tap on the three-horizontal-line icon at the right bottom on iOS or top right on Android.
2. Scroll down and tap on Settings & Privacy then choose Settings.
3. In the Settings section, scroll down to find and tap on Media and Contacts.
4. Select the Autoplay option and choose how you want the videos to be played.

Addressing Different Scenarios: Turning Off Autoplay for Specific Types of Videos

If for instance, you only want to disable autoplay for Ads and still want other videos on your News Feed or Stories to autoplay, you have the option to customize that, too. Facebook’s settings allow for changes that cater specifically to your preferences.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

There may be moments when technical glitches occur, such as changes in settings not being applied. Or, options for changing autoplay settings are not visible. Or even when videos keep playing automatically even after disabling autoplay. In these cases, there are troubleshooting guides available to address these concerns specifically.

Key Insights and Optimizing Experience

It’s intriguing to understand that the Autoplay feature plays a role in Facebook’s algorithmic sorting of content. When you permit videos to autoplay, Facebook’s algorithm notes your preference and serves you more of similar content. However, turning off autoplay could also change your browsing experience.

If you ever need to enable autoplay again, it’s important to remember that the steps followed in disabling it are just as applicable. Instead, you’d just select the ‘Enable’ option.

Final Notes

With this, we’ve walked an enlightening path on how to control the autoplay feature on Facebook. It’s important to underscore that settings such as these significantly enhance your Facebook engagement, making it more personalized and enjoyable.

If the journey of tech continues to pull us together on other issues like this, feel open to reach out at There’s a plethora of Facebook settings worth exploring, such as how to apply filters to your search, setting notification preferences, and more.

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Waving you off with a techie high-five, I’m Tracy, the proud owner of this resource space, wishing for you a tech-life that’s less intimidating, and more considerate of your needs.