Step-by-Step Guide: How to Shorten Video on iPhone for Efficient Sharing and Storage

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The joy of capturing memorable moments with your iPhone can often be marred by the realization of limited storage space or the struggle to share those elongated videos on social media platforms. Fortunately, Apple offers built-in video editing features that can enhance your video-taking experience exponentially. This article provides an in-depth analysis on how to shorten videos on iPhone, enabling you to capitalize on the iPhone’s advanced editing features to create compact and impactful videos.

Why Shorten Videos on iPhone?

The necessity of video shortening can stem from various needs. For starters, this craft helps free up phone storage, ensuring your device always has room for those photo-worthy incidents. Additionally, compact videos are quick and easy to share on social media platforms. Lastly, shortening videos assists in highlighting key points in your captured moments, sculpting the perfect video that sheds focus on your favored spots.

Step by Step Guide on How to Shorten Videos using iPhone’s Photos App

Here’s a simplified guideline on how to edit your videos directly in the Photos App on your iPhone.

Ways to select a video for editing

First, open your Photos App and select the video you wish to trim simply by tapping on it.

Detailed steps on how to trim the start and end of the video

Once the video is open, tap on ‘Edit’ at the top right corner. Drag the left and right sliders on the video timeline to adjust the start and end times of the video.

Saving the trimmed video

After completing your desired changes, tap on ‘Done’ and opt to ‘Save Video as New Clip’. This way, you can preserve the original video and your new trimmed version too.

Using the iMovie App to Shorten Videos

Beyond the basic Photos App, Apple offers a more advanced editing platform known as iMovie. This software provides a more precise trimming feature.

Introduction to iMovie

The iMovie App is Apple’s free video editing software which comes pre-installed on new iPhones and iPads. It offers a plethora of features beyond trimming, such as adding effects, transitions, and text to your movies.

Steps to import a video into iMovie

To import a video, launch iMovie, tap the ‘+’ sign to begin a new project, select ‘Movie’, and choose the video you wish to trim from your media library.

Process of trimming videos in iMovie

To trim on iMovie, choose your video from the timeline, drag the yellow sliders at the start and end to shorten the video as desired, then release.

Saving the final product

Once you’re satisfied, tap on the ‘Done’ button and ‘Export’ the project to turn it into a video. Save it to your camera roll or share it directly from iMovie.

Other iOS Video Editing Apps for Shortening Videos

While the iPhone’s built-in capabilities are highly sufficient for basic video editing tasks, you might require extra power to accomplish more specific or complex edits. Apps such as Adobe Premiere Rush, Quik, Video Crop, and InShot are top-notch options for shortening videos.

Advanced Tips: How to Shorten Videos Precisely

For a more precise video trimming experience, explore the advanced tools in iMovie and other third-party apps. This can involve selecting the exact second for slicing, choosing accurate in and out points, and utilizing ripple edits to ensure smooth transitions.

Common Mistakes While Shortening Videos on iPhone

Avoid common hitches like overcomplicating the process, inadvertently deleting sections, and neglecting to save drafts. Keep the editing process straightforward, and always preserve your original video.


Shortening videos on iPhone can be a smooth and fulfilling experience, once you grasp the ropes on the iPhone’s built-in editing features, iMovie, and other video editing apps. So, go ahead and start creating those perfect, shareable clips now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the best app to shorten videos on iPhone?

iMovie is a top-rated app to shorten videos. It’s user-friendly and comes pre-installed on new iPhones. However, apps like Adobe Premiere Rush and Quik also offer great editing features.

How short can I make a video on iPhone?

You can shorten a video to any length of your choosing, from hours to just a few seconds.

Does shortening videos on iPhone reduce their quality?

No, shortening a video simply reduces its length. The video quality remains unchanged unless you actively change resolution or compress the file.

Is it possible to revert a shortened video back to its original length?

Yes, especially if you save your trimmed video as a new clip. This way, you always have the original video intact.

Is it possible to shorten a video on iPhone without using any apps?

Yes, you can conveniently use the in-built Photos App to trim your videos.