Step-by-Step Guide: How to Pin a Comment on Instagram for Increased Engagement

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Instagram, a popular social media platform, offers a vast suite of features designed to facilitate open dialogue and user interaction. An integral component of this social media network is the comment section, a space that allows all members to share their thoughts, views, compliments or suggest improvements. Among Instagram’s host of features is the ability to pin a comment.

Understanding Instagram Features

Instagram has evolved from a straightforward photo-sharing app to a comprehensive platform featuring an array of functions to increase user engagement. The comment section, a critical part of Instagram, encourages engagement by enabling users to interact with posts, thus promoting dialogue and sharing perspectives.

A recent feature introduced by Instagram is the ability to pin comments. The implementation of this function enhances user control over the comment section and helps highlight the most relevant or noteworthy comments.

Importance of Pinning Comments on Instagram

Pinning a comment on Instagram yields multiple benefits. It allows users to feature a specific comment at the top of their post. These can be comments that add value to your post, positive feedback or any other comments you deem significant.

Benefits of Pinning a Comment

The advantages of using this feature include boosting engagement, showcasing positive customer feedback, and guiding the comment section’s tone.

The Types of Comments One Might Want to Pin

Users may choose to pin a variety of comments depending on their objective. These could range from user testimonials, product details, post clarifications, user-asked questions or any other comment that adds value to the overall content.

Step-by-step Process of Pinning a Comment on Instagram

Pinning a comment on Instagram is quite straightforward. You first navigate to the post, find the comment you’d like to pin, swipe it to the left, and click on the pin icon that appears.

How to Unpin a Comment

Similar to pinning, unpinning a comment is simple. You swipe the pinned comment to the left and click on the unpinned icon.

Limitations to Pinning

Instagram currently allows users to pin up to three comments per post.

Smart Use of the Pin Comment Feature

Strategic use of this feature can have a significant impact on user engagement levels. Pinning constructive comments, for instance, might inspire further discussions, thus encouraging user interaction with your content.

Pin Comments on Different Devices

The process of pinning comments on Instagram is consistent across different operating systems, including Android and iOS. Following the aforementioned step-by-step guide would suffice for both environments.


The option to pin a comment on Instagram is a versatile feature that boosts the visibility of pertinent discussions, reviews or compliments. By making wise use of this function, you can increase engagement, showcase positive feedback and guide the sentiment of your post’s comment section.


Can I pin comments on Instagram posts shared on other social media platforms?

No, the pin comment feature is only available for comments made on Instagram posts.

Is there a limit to how many comments I can pin on Instagram?

Yes, you can pin up to three comments per post on Instagram.

Can I pin my own comment?

Yes, Instagram allows users to pin their comments too.

Is the pin comment feature available to all users?

Yes, the feature is available to all Instagram users.

Can I pin comments on both my posts and posts from other users?

No, you can only pin comments on your posts.