Step-by-Step Guide on How to Make a Blend Playlist on Spotify for Customized Music Experience

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Music is a universal language and Spotify is undeniably one of the leading platforms on which people across the globe immerse themselves in the world of melody, rhythm, and harmony. Spotify, an audio platform that allows listeners access to millions of songs from around the world, has enhanced the way music is consumed. The Spotify’s Blend feature is a remarkable innovation that has transformed the sharing and enjoying of music between friends into an exciting new experience. Making a Blend on Spotify is quite simple and fun. Let’s journey through the practical guide of making a Blend on Spotify.

Understanding Spotify Blend

Description and Purpose of Blend Feature

The Blend feature on Spotify is a unique offering that allows two users to merge their favorite tracks into a custom playlist based on their individual listening habits. The purpose of this feature is to discover new music based on the shared musical taste of two friends, and to promote musical collaboration.

Benefits of Using the Blend Feature

Using the Blend feature unlocks multiple benefits. It allows you to delve into the music tastes of your friends and vice versa, discover fresh tracks from genres you might not be familiar with, and enjoy a harmonious mix of individual tastes in an easy and convenient way.

Requirements to Create a Blend on Spotify

Required Spotify Account Type

The Blend feature is available to both Free and Premium Spotify users. Users across the different account types can create, save and share their blended playlists.

Necessary Internet Connection

To create and share a Blend on Spotify, a solid internet connection is required. This assists in seamlessly streaming the Blend and updating it with new song choices.

Device Compatibility

The Blend feature is compatible with devices that can access the Spotify app including mobile phones, tablets, desktops, and smart TVs.

Step by Step Guide on Creating a Blend on Spotify

Accessing the Blend Feature

To access the Blend feature on the Spotify app, open the app and go to Library. In the playlist menu, select the option to ‘Create Blend’ which will initiate the process of creating a blended playlist.

Choosing Friends to Create a Blend

Upon selecting ‘Create Blend’, Spotify will prompt you to select a friend with whom you want to blend your playlist. Once chosen, an invitation will be sent to the selected friend to join your Blend.

Generating and Saving the Blend

Upon accepting the invitation, Spotify will analyze both users’ listening preferences and create a customized playlist with tracks both of you love. The Blend can then be saved to your personal library for easy access and enjoyment.

Editing a Blend

Adding and Removing Friends from a Blend

Presently, the Blend feature allows the merging of music tastes between two friends. Hence, adding more friends to an existing Blend playlist isn’t currently possible. To create a Blend with a different friend, a new Blend should be created.

Updating the Blend Playlist

A Blend playlist is dynamic. It updates daily with new tracks based on both users’ current listening habits, ensuring the Blend stays fresh and relevant to both listeners.

Sharing and Collaborations

Sharing a Blend

A Blend can be shared on various social media platforms through the ‘Share’ button on the Blend page. You can also copy a link to the Blend and share it directly with others.

Collaborating on a Blend Playlist

Once created, a Blend playlist can’t be collaboratively edited by adding or removing songs. However, both friends can influence the songs on the Blend through their individual listening habits.

Instructions on Following and Listening to a Friend’s Blend

If a friend shares a Blend with you, you can follow and listen to the Blend by clicking on the shared link or scanning the Blend code in your Spotify app. The Blend playlist will then appear in your library, and will update as per your friends’ listening habits.

Privacy Settings of a Spotify Blend

Understanding Public and Private Blends

By default, a Blend playlist is public, meaning it can be seen by any Spotify user. However, you can make it private by editing the playlist’s settings in the Spotify app.

Changing Privacy Settings of a Blend

To make your Blend private, go to the Blend playlist, tap on the three-dot menu and then ‘Make Secret’. Your Blend playlist will then only be visible to you and your Blend partner.

Restrictions on Who Can See and Play Your Blend

When a Blend is made secret, it will not be visible to any other Spotify users except the two users who created the Blend. Only those two can play and enjoy the combined musical taste.

Troubleshooting Spotify Blend

What to do When Blend Feature is Not Working

If you are facing a problem with the Blend feature, try restarting your Spotify app or reinstalling it. If the problem persists, you may need to contact Spotify Customer Support for further assistance.

Solutions to Common Problems with the Blend Feature

Some common problems include the Blend feature not showing up or not working as expected. In such cases, ensure that your app is updated to the latest version, and that your internet connection is stable. If these steps don’t solve the issue, reaching out to the Spotify’s Help Center would be the next best move.

Pros and Cons of Using Spotify Blend

Advantages of Using Blend Feature

The primary advantage is the sharing of music between friends, allowing them to bond over shared tastes and discover new music. It serves as a personalised musical journey curated based on shared listening habits.

Potential Drawbacks

On the downside, the Blend feature as of now only allows blending between two users, limiting broader musical collaborations. Also, the frequent updates to the Blend playlist might remove some favorite shared tracks, which might be disappointing to some.


Summary of the Guide

This comprehensive guide revolves around creating a Spotify Blend: a harmony of two music tastes into one seamless playlist. From understanding the Spotify Blend to its creation, editing, sharing, privacy, troubleshooting, and pros and cons, this guide delivers a walkthrough of the Spotify Blend journey.

Personal Thoughts on the Blend Feature

The Blend feature adds a new dimension to shared musical experiences, bridging gaps between different musical tastes. It’s an exciting element that fosters discovery and camaraderie in the wonderful world of music.


What are the Requirements to Make a Blend on Spotify?

Both Free and Premium Spotify users can create a Spotify Blend. It requires a stable internet connection and the Spotify app downloaded on a compatible device.

Can I Add More than One Friend to My Blend?

Currently, Spotify Blend only supports blending between two friends. However, users can create multiple blends with different friends.

How do I Share My Spotify Blend?

A Blend can be shared on various social media platforms through the ‘Share’ button on the Blend page. Alternatively, users can copy the link to the Blend and share it directly.

Can I change the privacy settings of my Blend?

Yes, the privacy settings of a Blend can be changed from public to private, making the Blend visible only to the two people who have created it.

Is the Blend Feature Available for Free Spotify Users?

Yes, the Blend feature is available to both Free and Premium Spotify users. Both types of users can create, save, and share their Blend playlists.

What to do if I am facing issues with the Blend feature?

If you’re facing issues with the Blend feature, try restarting your Spotify app or checking your internet connection. If that does not work, you may need to contact Spotify Customer Support.