Mastering Text Formatting: How to Capitalize in Excel

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How to Capitalize in Excel: A Simple Guide

My name is Tracy, your Excel guide from In this article, I will share a straightforward and precise guide on how to capitalize in Excel. Let’s dive in!

What Does Capitalize Mean in Excel?

In Excel, capitalize means converting the first letter of a text string to uppercase, while keeping the rest of the string in lowercase. This functionality is particularly helpful when dealing with user-entered data where inconsistent cases might be used.

Method 1: Using the PROPER function

The simplest way to capitalize in Excel is by using the PROPER function. This function converts the first letter of each word in a cell to upper case.

Formula: =PROPER(cell)

Simply replace cell with the reference to the cell you want to capitalize.

Method 2: Using UPPER and LOWER functions

In situations where you want to transform an entire cell’s content to uppercase or lowercase, UPPER and LOWER functions come in handy respectively

Formula for UPPER: =UPPER(cell)

Formula for LOWER: =LOWER(cell)

Method 3: Using Flash Fill

Flash Fill is another convenient tool in Excel for changing text case. Begin by typing your data in the desired case in a cell adjacent to the existing data. As you type, Excel will sense the pattern and offer to fill down the rest of your cells accordingly.

Ensure, however, that the Enable Auto Complete for cell values is activated under Excel Options > Advanced.

Change Case Excel Add-In

If you frequently have to change cases in Excel, consider downloading the free Change Case Excel Add-in, that adds a Change Case option to the ribbon, making it much easier to convert text cases.


When in need to capitalize in Excel, you have several options to choose from. Between using the PROPER, UPPER, and LOWER functions or the Flash Fill feature, you can easily handle text capitalization in Excel.

Remember, practice is essential when mastering these functions, so don’t shy away from getting hands-on experience.


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