Mastering Excel on MAC: How to Add Bullet Points

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How To Add Bullet Points In Excel Mac

Hello, I am Tracy from I am here with a simple guide on how to add bullet points in Excel on a Mac. Many readers have asked about this and I’m so thrilled to finally write this piece.

The Quick Shortcut Method

This is the fastest way to add bullet points in Excel on a Mac. However, please note that this method might not work if the active cell is in the ‘edit’ mode.

  1. Select the cell where you want to add a bullet point.
  2. Press the option + 8 keys on your keyboard to insert a bullet point.

The Formula Method

If the shortcut method fails, you can try this alternative approach. It involves using the CHAR function.

  1. Activate the cell where you want to insert the bullet.
  2. Type the formula =CHAR(2022) and hit return. This inserts a bullet point in the cell.

The Copy-Paste Method

This method is less sophisticated, though equally effective.

  1. Copy a bullet point from anywhere (like this one: •).
  2. Activate the cell where you want the bullet point and paste it.

I hope this guide has simplified the task of adding bullet points in Excel on a Mac. Stay tuned for more useful tips, tricks, and guides only on!

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Happy computing!


I referred to Microsoft Support to ensure the accuracy of these methods, check out the link for more detailed steps and explanations: Inserting Bullets in an Excel Worksheet.