Complete Guide: How to Remove Followers on Spotify for Streamlined Listening Experience

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In the world of digital music, Spotify stands as a dominant platform with its vast musical universe. A key feature of Spotify is its social component, where users can follow each other and engage in sharing their music tastes. However, there are instances where you might find removing followers on Spotify necessary. Whether for privacy reasons, or to filter out unnecessary noise, managing followers is an essential task in curating your Spotify experience.

Overview of Spotify’s Privacy Settings

Understanding Spotify’s privacy settings is essential in managing your digital footprint on the platform. Spotify offers two primary visibility levels: Public and Private. Depending on your privacy settings, your playlists, recently played artists, and your followers can be publicly visible. Notably, these settings play a critical role in controlling who follows you and how your activities on Spotify are viewed.

Methods to Control Who Can View Your Spotify Activity

A straightforward way of concealing your Spotify activity is to make your account profile private. Doing this ensures that only authorized followers can view your activity. However, making your account private does not prevent current followers from seeing your activity. In essence, this move limits the visibility of your actions to potential followers, not existing ones.

How to Block a Follower on Spotify

While Spotify does not directly provide an option to remove followers, you can block a follower by following these steps:

– Go to your Spotify profile page
– Click on “Followers
– Locate the follower you wish to block
– Click on their profile and select “Block

When you block a follower on Spotify, they can no longer view your activity or playlists. Furthermore, they can no longer follow you unless you unblock them. Blocking a follower can potentially disrupt their Spotify experience if they frequently engage with your playlists or follow your music choices.

How to Remove Followers by Creating a New Spotify Account

When all other options fail, creating a new Spotify account can be a feasible solution to get rid of unwanted followers. However, this approach has its ups and downs. On the upside, you get a clean slate with zero followers. On the downside, you may lose your saved playlists and follower base built over time.

Creating a new Spotify account is straightforward:

– Visit the Spotify homepage
– Click on ‘Sign Up’
– Input the necessary details for registration
– Follow the prompts to complete the account setup

Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Spotify Account

Beyond the above procedures, you can manage your followers and maintain your privacy on Spotify by regularly reviewing your privacy settings, controlling who can view your playlists, and deciding who can follow you. Furthermore, making effective use of Spotify’s social and collaborative playlist features, you can foster more meaningful connections with people sharing the same music taste.


In conclusion, removing followers, controlling who can view your activity, and protecting your privacy on Spotify can be accomplished with a few steps embedded in the platform’s settings. Managing your online presence on streaming platforms like Spotify is crucial in this digital age, where privacy, security, and personal preferences take centre stage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How to unblock a follower on Spotify?

To unblock a follower on Spotify, go to their profile and select “Unblock.

Can followers view my listening history on Spotify?

Yes, but only if your Spotify account is set to Public.

What are the implications of having public vs. private Spotify account?

A public Spotify account gives anyone access to view your playlists and activity. Conversely, a private Spotify account regulates who can view your activity.

Are there any limitations to the number of followers I can block?

As of now, Spotify does not limit the number of followers you can block.

Can a blocked follower still access my Spotify playlists?

No, blocked followers will lose access to your playlists.

How to keep my Spotify playlists private?

You can keep your Spotify playlists private by setting the privacy level to ‘Private’ under the playlist settings.

Do Spotify followers receive a notification when they get blocked?

No, Spotify does not send notifications to followers when they are blocked.