A Comprehensive Guide to Troubleshooting: What to do When YouTube Gets Stuck on Loading?

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When faced with the mammoth ocean of digital content, YouTube is undeniably the one-stop solution for millions of users across the globe. From a simplistic web-video library to a massive platform for sharing and consuming content, YouTube has grown tremendously over the years. Understanding its operation, common errors, and practicing active problem-solving techniques is essential for uninterrupted entertainment or information consumption.

One such common problem users encounter is when YouTube gets stuck on loading. This article provides a comprehensive guide to troubleshoot this issue, elaborating the problem, identifying its possible causes, and recommending pragmatic solutions.

Understanding the Problem

The issue of YouTube perpetually stuck on the loading screen usually appears in the form of a spinning wheel or buffering symbol. While users expect the video to start after a few seconds of loading, the video remains unresponsive, resulting in heightened frustration.

There can be numerous reasons why YouTube might be stuck on loading. It could be attributed to sluggish internet connections, outdated browsers, issues with YouTube servers, or overloaded cache and cookies on your device. It’s also important to note that these causes are interrelated and diagnosing the correct one is the first step to successful troubleshooting.

Common Troubleshooting Techniques

Checking Internet Connectivity

A poor internet connection is one of the most common causes of YouTube’s loading issues. It is essential to ensure that you’re connected to a stable network. If the problem exists, resetting your router or switching to a reliable network can significantly improve loading times.

Refreshing the Site/Restarting the Device

If the connection seems healthy, refreshing the YouTube page or restarting the device might help resolve the issue. Sometimes, a simple reboot can rectify minor system glitches and restore normal functioning.

Checking if YouTube is Down or not

In certain rare cases, the issue could be at YouTube’s end. Check websites like Downdetector or social media to see if other users report similar problems. If YouTube is down, the only solution is to wait until the site admins restore the service.

Advanced Troubleshooting Techniques

Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies

Over time, your browser accumulates cache files and cookies, which can slow down page load times or even cause them to fail. Clearing these temporary files can improve the site’s performance.

Updating the Browser or App

Outdated browsers or apps often struggle to load newer content. Regular updates improve the overall functionality, patching up old bugs and ensuring compatibility with the latest content.

Disabling Extensions or Plugins

Certain browser extensions or plugins can interfere with YouTube’s loading. Try turning these off temporarily to check if they’re the issue.

How to Contact YouTube Support

If the issue prevails, it’s time to seek professional help. Contacting YouTube Support involves providing them with essential bits of information, such as your device’s nature, the error being displayed, steps taken to rectify it, and so forth.

Preventive Measures

A few effective preventive measures include keeping your browser or app updated, regularly clearing cache and cookies, and maintaining a stable and speedy internet connection.

Advice on Dealing With Recurrent Issues

For chronic issues, seeking professional help can be beneficial. Identifying serious technical issues involves checking if the problem persists across different devices, browsers, and networks, implying that the issue is more than mere surface-level snag.


While YouTube’s error in loading can be frustrating, it can usually be repaired with simple troubleshooting techniques. Understanding the platform, being aware of the potential bugs and glitches, and knowing how to effectively troubleshoot them can enhance your YouTube experience significantly.


Why does my YouTube keep loading but not playing?

This issue could be due to several reasons like poor internet connection, outdated browser or app, and overloaded cache and cookies. Different troubleshooting techniques can be adopted based on the root cause.

How do I fix YouTube not loading on my computer?

Check your internet connection, try refreshing the webpage, or restart your computer. If none of these work, clear your browser’s cache and cookies or try updating your browser.

Can I use a VPN to fix YouTube loading issues?

Yes, a VPN can improve loading times as it can provide a robust, stable, and sometimes faster connection.

Why does YouTube load slower than other sites?

Video streaming platforms like YouTube are data-heavy compared to most other sites. Any underlying issues with your network or device can hence make YouTube seem slower.

Can outdated browsers affect YouTube performance?

Yes, outdated browsers may not be compatible with the latest features and standards implemented by YouTube, thus affecting its performance.

How to tell if YouTube is down or if it’s an issue on my end?

Websites like Downdetector report service outages. If you find other users reporting related issues or see an official announcement from YouTube, then it’s likely a site-wide problem.

What are the most effective preventative measures for YouTube loading issues?

Keeping your browser or app updated, clearing cache and cookies regularly, and ensuring stable internet connectivity are some of the most effective preventative measures.

How often should I update my browser or YouTube app to prevent loading issues?

It’s recommended to update your browser or YouTube app whenever a new update is released, as these often include bug fixes and feature enhancements that improve performance.

What can I do if the problem persists even after trying all troubleshooting methods?

If the issue prevails even after these steps, it’s advisable to contact YouTube Support, provide them with essential information, and seek professional help.