A Comprehensive Guide on How to Reconnect Your Wyze Camera

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Wyze cameras have transformed home security. Offering high-definition images, wireless connectivity and a suite of advanced features at a fraction of rival products’ cost, they have become a popular choice for millions of households worldwide. However, the effectiveness of a Wyze camera is contingent on a stable connection. If your Wyze camera loses its connection, it becomes unable to transmit footage or send alerts increasing the chance of security breaches.

A range of situations may necessitate reconnection of your Wyze camera. From software upgrades to Wi-Fi issues or even relocation of the camera, understanding how to reset and reconnect your Wyze camera can keep your home security at its optimal level. This article will guide you step by step on how to reconnect your Wyze camera to ensure smooth operation.

Understanding Wyze Camera and Its Features

Wyze cameras function by connecting to your home Wi-Fi network and transmitting real-time footage to your smartphone or other connected devices. They offer night vision, sound and motion detection, real-time alerts, and the capacity to record and store footage either locally or on the cloud.

A stable Wi-Fi connection is fundamental to the functionality of Wyze cameras. Without it, your camera can’t transmit footage, alert you to events or update its software. Given the critical role of the Wyze camera in home security, maintaining its connectivity is essential.

Common Reasons for Wyze Camera Disconnection

Several factors could cause your Wyze camera to disconnect. These include internet connection issues, where either the Wi-Fi signal drops, or the internet service provider experiences downtime. Your camera can also disconnect if you’ve changed your Wi-Fi password and forgot to update it on the camera.

Faults in your camera’s hardware or software can lead to a range of issues, including connection errors, while outdated firmware may cause compatibility problems with your network. Lastly, power interruptions or supply issues can result in the Wyze camera losing connection.

Step-by-step Guide to Reconnect Wyze Camera

Follow these steps to reconnect your Wyze camera:

1. Checking the Camera and Internet Connection: Ensure the camera is powered on and the Wi-Fi network is functioning adequately.

2. Resetting the Camera: If the camera switched off, power it on and confirm that it is online. If it’s offline, reset it using the reset button.

3. Re-entering Your Wi-Fi Settings: Enter the correct Wi-Fi name and password in the camera settings.

4. Updating Wyze Camera Software and Firmware: Always use the latest version of the Wyze camera app and firmware.

5. Testing the Camera after Reconnection: After reconnecting the camera, test its functions to confirm that everything is working optimally.

Troubleshooting Tips for Wyze Camera Reconnection

Despite your best efforts, the Wyze camera might still encounter connection problems. Here are additional solutions:

1. When the Camera Won’t Reconnect: Try moving the camera closer to the Wi-Fi router.

2. For Recurring Disconnection Issues: Consider using a Wi-Fi range extender or upgrading your internet package for greater stability.

3. To Ensure Stable Camera Connection: Regularly update your camera’s firmware and perform routine checks to confirm that it’s connected and working.


Reconnecting your Wyze camera might seem daunting, but with a clear understanding of the process and a step-by-step guide, it’s quite manageable. Always remember that a poorly connected Wyze camera undermines your home security. Don’t hesitate to contact Wyze’s customer support if the disconnection issues persist after trying these solutions.

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