How to Use $windows.~bt for a Smooth Windows Upgrade Process

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Understanding the $windows.~bt Folder on Your Windows System

As a tech expert, I’ve seen many users puzzled by the sudden appearance of the $windows.~bt folder on their Windows operating system. This article aims to clarify the purpose and management of this system folder to ensure an informed approach to system maintenance.

What is the $windows.~bt Folder?

The $windows.~bt folder is a hidden directory on Windows PCs that appears when you upgrade from one version of Windows to another or install significant updates. It contains installation files and logs necessary for the upgrade process, and is instrumental for a smooth transition.

Composition of $windows.~bt

Within the $windows.~bt folder, you may find a range of files, including:

  • Temporary Windows installation files
  • Logs and diagnostic information
  • Previous Windows installation files for rollback

Can You Delete $windows.~bt?

Many users are concerned about the disk space consumed by the $windows.~bt folder. It is safe to delete, but I recommend doing so only after you’re sure that your system is stable and you don’t need to revert to the previous version of Windows.

How to Delete $windows.~bt

You can remove the $windows.~bt folder using the Disk Cleanup tool:

  1. Type ‘Disk Cleanup’ in the Windows search bar and open the utility.
  2. Select the system drive (usually C:).
  3. Click ‘Clean up system files’ for advanced options.
  4. Find and check the boxes for ‘Previous Windows installation(s)’ and ‘Temporary Windows installation files’.
  5. Click ‘OK’ and then ‘Delete Files’ to confirm the action.

Be mindful that once deleted, you’ll lose the option to revert to the previous version of Windows.

FAQs About $windows.~bt

Question Answer
Is $windows.~bt a virus or malware? No, it’s a legitimate system folder created by Windows.
Will my PC still work if I remove $windows.~bt? Yes, but you won’t be able to roll back to a previous version of Windows.
How much space does $windows.~bt take? It varies, but can take several gigabytes of disk space.

When Should You Not Delete $windows.~bt?

Do not delete the $windows.~bt folder if you are still evaluating the new version of Windows or if you’re experiencing issues that might require a rollback. Moreover, if you foresee a need for recovery options, it’s best to keep the folder intact.

Personal Remarks by Tracy

From my experience, understanding the $windows.~bt folder is crucial for managing system storage, but user discretion is advised. Ensure that your system is stable and that you have no need for a rollback before deleting this folder.

Please note that this is a general guide and individual circumstances may vary. If you have doubts, seek professional advice or reach out to Windows support.


The $windows.~bt folder is a non-essential component post-installation but provides a safety net during the transition between Windows versions. While it can be safely deleted to free up space, caution is key. As always, ensure that important data is backed up before performing system maintenance tasks.