Experiencing a foldable bike truly is a unique experience and their popularity continues to grow within the busiest of countries. With their smaller than usual bike frames and tires, some may think they have no real purpose. Sure, they don’t look like the first option for many normal bicycle rides, but they are able to provide some great benefits.


If you live in a country that is always on the go, then you may have seen one of these riding around. If not, then you need to get on the band wagon as we explain why you should get a foldable bicycle in a busy country like Singapore.


Can be Carried Easily and Conveniently


Going for trips can be a lot more fun when you bring your foldable bike. No more need to place your bike on the roof of your vehicle when it can be placed in your trunk. Riding your bike to work also means you no longer need to keep it outside and prone to being stolen. Now you can fold it and store it in your office or break room.


Being able to carry your foldable bike with you is a true convenience in itself and certainly a good reason to be popular among riders.


Vast Amount of Designs


No matter what you are looking for, whether it’s a retro, vintage, or sleek design, a foldable bike can be made in various styles that will allow you to convey your own character traits. This means if you want a customizable bike, then you can. You won’t have to worry about any compromising to occur.


Their Operation is Second Nature


Once you get used to the unfolding and folding process of your foldable bike, you will be able to do it from start to finish in less than a minute. You may need to attempt a few practice folds, but that is to be expected.


Ensure that you begin practice folding as soon as you get your bike home. The last thing that you will want to do is become agitated while leaning to unfold it. Just understand that you will eventually have the process down in no time.


Welcome the Enjoyment You Will Get


With this we do not mean it to sound weird, but there is a reason to enjoy your ride. This reason is due to the amount of speed that you will achieve. In fact, you may surprise yourself to see that your foldable bike is faster than the standard styles.


This can be a huge convenience for your work commute. By riding a foldable bike to get to and from work, it can take less time in comparison. This can be very enjoyable and you will actually see yourself pedaling less.