Why Is My MacBook Screen Flickering? Troubleshoot and Fix Now!

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Why Is My MacBook Screen Flickering?


If you’re experiencing screen flickering on your MacBook, it can be a frustrating experience. Screen flickering occurs when the display quickly flashes or blinks, making it challenging to use your device. In this article, we’ll explore common reasons why your MacBook screen is flickering and what you can do about it.

Brief Overview of Common Causes of Screen Flickering on a MacBook

There are several reasons why your MacBook screen may be flickering. The most common causes are hardware issues, such as a malfunctioning LCD or graphics card, software problems, power issues, or even damaged power cords. Examining the possible problems will help you determine the root cause so you can find the right solution.

II. Hardware Issues

If your MacBook is experiencing screen flickering, there might be a hardware issue.

Common Hardware Problems that Cause Screen Flickering on a MacBook

– Damaged LCD: MacBook’s LCD is fragile and susceptible to damage from everyday use. Moving your MacBook across with force can cause the display to flicker or not work altogether.
– Graphics card failure: If your MacBook’s GPU is faulty, it can cause the screen to flicker intermittently.
– Display ribbon cable: Over time, the ribbon cable connecting the display to the motherboard could become faulty, causing screen flickering or intermittent display issues.

III. Software Problems

Software issues can also cause your MacBook’s screen to flicker.

Software Problems That Cause Screen Flickering on a MacBook

– Glitches in the video driver: When the video driver on your MacBook is outdated or corrupted, the display might show signs of flickering.
– Incorrect display settings: Improper display settings can cause your MacBook’s screen to flicker.

IV. Power Issues

Power-related issues could impact your MacBook’s ability to work correctly, leading to screen flickering.

What Power-Related Issues Can Cause Screen Flickering on a MacBook?

– Power fluctuation: Power fluctuations in your MacBook’s power supply can cause screen flickering.
– Failing battery: If your MacBook’s battery is nearing the end of its useful life, it could cause screen flickering.
– Damaged power cable: A damaged power cable could cause your MacBook’s screen to flicker.

V. Troubleshooting Steps

If your MacBook screen is flickering, performing the following steps can help diagnose and resolve the issue.

Steps to Troubleshoot Screen Flickering on a MacBook

– Check hardware settings: Verify that all wires and cables are present and appropriately connected.
– Software settings: Make sure your MacBook’s display settings are set up correctly.
– Reset SMC and NVRAM: Resetting your Mac’s System Management Controller and Non-Volatile Random Access Memory can often fix issues causing screen flickering.
– Adjust Display settings: Modify the refresh rate to see if it helps your screen stop flickering.

VI. Conclusion

MacBooks are excellent devices, but sometimes things can go wrong that cause the screen to flicker. Conducting a thorough check of your device’s hardware and software settings, as well as its power supply, can help identify and correct the issue.

However, suppose you feel uncomfortable diagnosing or correcting the problem yourself. In that case, you should take your MacBook to a skilled technician for professional assistance.


Q: Can I fix screen flickering on my MacBook myself?

A: Yes, you can! Conducting basic troubleshooting steps like checking hardware and software settings, resetting SMC and NVRAM, and adjusting display settings can help resolve the issue.

Q: Could screen flickering be a sign that my MacBook needs replacing?

A: Not necessarily. Your MacBook’s age isn’t always the primary cause of screen flickering. With proper maintenance and troubleshooting, your MacBook could function for many years to come.