What to do if You’re Locked Out of Your Amazon Account: A Vital Guide for Troubled Users

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Amazon, an e-commerce giant, has transformed retail through platforms that connect retailers to consumers around the globe. However, being locked out of an Amazon account can abruptly stifle this utility, leaving users unable to access their purchased digital contents, monitor order deliveries, and make use of Amazon’s services. As frustrating as this scenario can be, understanding why it happens and how to resolve it is critical. Therefore, this guide aims to shed light on the process of recovering your Amazon account and measures to prevent future lockouts.

Understanding the Amazon Account Lock

Anyone who shops on Amazon is all too familiar with the convenience it offers. But when a user is locked out, it puts a damper on the entire shopping experience and may raise any number of questions.

What happens when an Amazon account is locked?

An Amazon account lock implies a suspension of the account wherein users are denied access to make purchases, track existing orders, or use any Amazon services associated with that account.

Why do Amazon accounts get locked?

Amazon could lock an account for various reasons:

Suspicious Activity

Amazon might determine some activities on an account to be suspicious. Unusual large purchase amounts, strange shipping addresses or irregular browsing activity can stimulate a lockdown.

Payment Issues

Outdated or expired payment methods, discrepancies in billing information, or a charge dispute with your bank might also prompt an Amazon account lock.

Violation of Amazon’s Terms and Policies

Non-compliance with Amazon’s terms and conditions, such as creating fake reviews, can lead to your account being locked indefinitely.

Initial Steps When Locked Out of an Amazon Account

Recognizing being locked out of the Amazon account starts with the inability to sign in despite the correct password or getting notifications about your account’s suspension.

Upon realizing the account lock, it is advised to contact Amazon’s customer service immediately, provide all necessary information, and follow their account recovery process meticulously.

How to Recover a Locked Amazon Account

To recover your locked Amazon account, the steps involved are:

Contacting Amazon’s Customer Service

You can either call or send an email outlining the encountered problem along with proof of your identification.

Verifying your Identity and Account Details

Amazon will then request for confirmation of some personal details, such as billing address, last order details, and credit card information.

Following Instructions Provided by Amazon’s Customer Support

Once your identity is confirmed, follow the instructions provided by Amazon to reset your account login credentials.

The expected timeframe to unlock your account varies. For some, it could be immediate, while others may need to wait up to 48 hours.

To prevent any delay in the account recovery process, follow Amazon’s instructions promptly and accurately.

Preventative Measures To Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Amazon Account

For a seamless and uninterrupted Amazon experience, consider these preventative measures:

Maintaining Account Security

Ensure strong, unique passwords, and consider using two-factor authentication.

Ensuring Payment Methods are Up-to-date

Regularly update your payment methods to avoid expired credit/debit card issues.

Adhering to Amazon’s Terms and Conditions

Always play by Amazon’s rules. Familiarize yourself with their guidelines to avoid any inadvertent violation.

Regular Monitoring and Checking Account Status

Regular account monitoring can help detect any irregularities, thereby preventing potential lockdowns.

Possible Troubles and Risks Associated with Being Locked Out

Order delivery and processing could be delayed. Users may find it difficult to access services like Amazon Prime, and risk losing access to digital products purchased through Amazon.

Alternate Steps If Account Recovery doesn’t Work

The account recovery process may not be resolved on the first attempt due to a range of issues. If you continue to experience difficulties, you can directly email Amazon’s executive customer relations team or seek legal help if the problem persists.


Being locked out of an Amazon account can throw a wrench into your routine, cutting you off from a plethora of services and purchases. However, by understanding how and why this occurs and following these handy steps, you can prevent such situations or swiftly handle them if they do happen.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How long does Amazon take to unlock my account?

It varies from case to case. Some accounts may be reinstated immediately while others might take up to 48 hours.

Will I lose my purchase history if my Amazon account is locked?

No, your purchase history remains intact even if your account is locked.

What are the primary reasons for an Amazon account getting locked?

Suspicious activity, payment issues, and violation of Amazon’s terms and policies are common reasons.

Is it possible to create a new Amazon account after getting locked?

Yes, you can create a new account. However, the locked account’s issue needs to be resolved to avoid the same problem recurring in your new account.

What actions can lead to violating Amazon’s terms and policies resulting in an account lock-out?

Fake reviews, manipulating sales rank, and not complying with Amazon’s selling guidelines can lead to a lockout.

Can I access my Amazon Prime features when my account is locked?

During a lockdown, all the features associated with the account become inaccessible, including Amazon Prime.