Understanding Snapchat: What Does ‘Pending’ Mean on Your Message Status?

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Snapchat is a popular social media application known for its innovative approach to messaging and photo sharing. As with many other digital platforms, Snapchat uses various status updates and symbols to communicate information to its users. One such notification that may pop up from time to time is the ‘pending’ status. But what exactly does ‘pending’ mean on Snapchat? In this article, we aim to unravel the intricacies of Snapchat notifications, with a particular focus on understanding the ‘pending’ status.

Understanding Snapchat Notifications

Snapchat’s unique language of icons and status notifications is a part of what makes the app engaging for its users. One of these notifications is the ‘pending’ status which typically appears in the chat window under a friend’s name or alongside a Snap you’ve sent.

Defining ‘Pending’ Status in Snapchat

Essentially, ‘pending’ on Snapchat refers to the status of the message you’ve sent to another user or a friend request you’ve made. It means that your message or request is waiting to be processed. However, the exact reason it remains on ‘pending’ can stem from a variety of situations, including a recipient’s account settings, network issues, or even account deletion.

Reasons for ‘Pending’ Status

There are several reasons why you may see a ‘pending’ status on a Snap or friend request you’ve sent. One of the main causes includes the recipient’s account settings, particularly regarding their privacy. If the user has set their account to receive Snaps or messages only from friends and you’re not on their friend list, your Snap or message would show as ‘pending’.

In addition to this, other factors such as network issues can also result in a ‘pending’ status. For instance, if you send a Snap while your internet connection is unstable or if the recipient doesn’t have a strong internet connection, it may result in a delay, thus showing as ‘pending’.

Actions Leading to Pending Status

Sending Snaps or initiating a friend request are the most standard user actions that might lead to a ‘pending’ status. When the recipient’s account is not set to receive Snaps from non-friends, or if their account is deleted, any Snap you send to them will display as ‘pending’ until the situation changes.

How to Check Pending Status

Checking the ‘pending’ status on Snapchat is quite straightforward. Begin by opening a chat with the friend to whom you’ve sent a Snap. Underneath their name, if your Snap is still awaiting confirmation, you’ll see the word ‘pending.’

Resolving Pending Status on Snapchat

There are several ways to resolve a ‘pending’ status in Snapchat. For one, ensure that your account settings are configured correctly, allowing Snaps and messages from the right users. Having a stable internet connection and making sure that the recipient also has one is another crucial step.

How the ‘Pending’ Status Affects Snapchat Interactions

The ‘pending’ status on Snapchat can affect not only the process of sending and receiving Snaps or messages but also your overall interactions on the platform. Snapchat’s strong emphasis on privacy settings makes it crucial for users to understand what notifications like the ‘pending’ status mean.


Understanding the ‘pending’ status and knowing how to manage it is a vital part of mastering Snapchat. Given the right steps, patience, and network setup, you’ll be able to avoid and troubleshoot the ‘pending’ status in a jiffy, thus ensuring an efficient and uninterrupted Snapchat experience.


“Why is my Snapchat status stuck on pending even though my friend has added me back?

This could simply be because of a temporary network issue or a glitch within Snapchat. Try restarting the app or your device and see if the status changes.

“Can someone see a snap if it’s pending?

No, the recipient won’t be able to view your Snap until the ‘pending’ status is cleared and the Snap is delivered successfully.

“Does the ‘pending’ status mean I’ve been blocked or removed?

Not necessarily. While it can indicate that you’ve been blocked or removed, it can also simply mean that the recipient has their privacy settings set up to only receive Snaps or messages from friends.

“What happens to a snap once the ‘pending’ status is resolved?

Once the ‘pending’ status is resolved, your Snap will be delivered to the recipient’s account as usual.

“How long does a ‘pending’ status last on Snapchat?

The duration of a ‘pending’ status can vary. It remains until the issue causing it, like a poor network connection or privacy settings, is resolved.

“Does ‘pending’ status mean the recipient’s phone is off?

Not necessarily. It can mean that, but it could also indicate that they are out of the network range, have their privacy settings to receive snaps only from friends, or deleted their account.

“Why is a snap I sent a few seconds ago already ‘pending’?

This can be due to several reasons, one of which is Snapchat trying to secure a stable network connection to deliver your Snap properly.