Weighing the Benefits: The Pros and Cons of Owning an iPad with Cellular Capabilities

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In the realm of tablets, Apple’s iPads have consistently remained a top choice for consumers, owing to their sleek design, robust performance, and upscale features. Among these models, the iPad with cellular capabilities has generated substantial interest, allowing users to stay connected on the go. However, like any tech gadget, this variant comes with its set list of pros and cons that must be considered before purchasing. In this post, we will systematically examine the good and bad aspects of owning an iPad with cellular connectivity.

The Advantages of iPad with Cellular

Continuous Connectivity

With a cellular-enabled iPad, bid adieu to the stress over finding a Wi-Fi network. This additional feature allows users to connect to the internet anytime and anywhere with mobile data, making it an ideal gadget for remote work, long commutes, and travel. Thanks to this, you won’t miss a beat and can stream that crucial conference call while on the road or reply to emails at your convenience without scrounging for Wi-Fi.

Multiple Device Functionality

Serving as more than just a tablet, the iPad with cellular functionality amalgamates the best features of multiple devices. Whether it’s answering emails, making presentations, binge-watching series, or even playing CPU-intensive games, this iPad does it all. You needn’t juggle between devices; this iPad’s versatility prioritizes convenience and streamlines usability.

GPS Capability

The GPS functionality of the cellular iPad warrants a mention. Unlike the Wi-Fi-only model, the cellular version enhances your GPS service by using mobile data, leading to accurate, real-time location data. This can be invaluable for road trips, hiking expeditions, or simply exploring new cities.

Premium Design and Build Quality

Apple’s trademark style and quality remain uncompromised in the iPad with cellular. Housing the same sleek design,with a robust build quality, this iteration will woo tech-enthusiasts and design-lovers alike. It not only encapsulates a luxurious feel but also warrants durability.

The Disadvantages of iPad with Cellular


The additional connectivity option comes with an added cost. The cellular-enabled devices are significantly more expensive than their Wi-Fi-only counterparts. While the long-term benefits might justify the cost for some, others might find the price disproportionate to the features offered.

Subscription Requirement

Tying in with the cost factor is the requirement of a data plan subscription to utilize the cellular feature. Depending on the chosen plan, the monthly fee can be substantial and may put off budget-conscious users, especially when the Wi-Fi-only option eliminates such recurring costs.

Battery Life

The convenience of staying connected on the go comes at the price of battery life. Utilization of cellular data can considerably strain the iPad’s battery leading to frequent charges. However, judicious usage and battery management can mitigate this to an extent.

Limited Phone Functionality

Despite the cellular functionality, an iPad doesn’t replace a smartphone. Regular call functionality is lacking, and messaging is restricted to iMessage platform. Many might find this lack of basic phone features disconcerting.


The decision to opt for a cellular-enabled iPad boils down to individual needs and preferences. If you prioritize connectivity above all else, the invested cost and subscription charges might not deter you. At the same time, those mindful of budget and suited with Wi-Fi-only devices might not see the added benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can the iPad with cellular be used without Wi-Fi?

Yes, iPads with cellular capabilities can be used without a Wi-Fi connection. They can connect to the internet using cellular data.

What is the difference between an iPad with cellular and one without?

The primary difference lies in connectivity; an iPad with cellular can connect to the internet through mobile data in addition to Wi-Fi.

Can I make normal calls with an iPad with cellular?

No, standard telecommunications calls are not possible. However, internet-based calls using apps like Skype or FaceTime are feasible.

Does having cellular data affect the iPad’s performance?

Having cellular data doesn’t directly affect the iPad’s performance. However, the device’s battery life might take a hit due to increased connectivity.

Is the cost of an iPad with cellular worth it?

The value proposition is significantly determined by individual needs. If constant connectivity and GPS functionality are paramount, investing in a cellular iPad can be worth it. It might not be the most economical for those content with Wi-Fi connectivity.