Unveiling the Mystery: Understanding and Fixing Flickering Issues with Your Feit Smart Bulb

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About Feit Smart Bulb

Feit Electric is a renowned lighting company that has created ripples in the market with its versatile range of smart LED bulbs. The Feit Smart Bulb leverages the power of the latest technology to offer users a digitally interactive experience. From voice controls, easy syncing with platforms like Apple HomeKit, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa, to features like tuning the bulb’s color temperature and adjusting brightness, the Feit Smart Bulbs have proved to be a game-changer in the era of smart home systems.

Flickering Issues in Smart Bulbs

Despite the cutting-edge technology involved, like any other device, smart bulbs can have hiccups too. One such common issue that users often bump into is the dreaded flickering of the bulb. This flickering is not only annoying but it can also compromise the overall lifespan and performance of the bulb. Therefore, addressing this issue promptly and accurately is vital for users.

Causes of Flickering in Feit Smart Bulbs

Electrical Differences

Electrical inconsistencies are one of the key causes of flickering in smart bulbs. The variations in voltage, current drop, or even the quality of electrical fittings can impact the functioning of the bulb, leading to intermittent flickering.

Firmware Issues

Firmware errors within the bulb software can also cause flickering. Inaccurate programming or outdated firmware might not adapt well with the present system, creating problems like flickering in smart bulbs.

Network Interference

Wi-Fi interference may also contribute to the flickering issue in smart bulbs. A weak or inconsistent network connection can affect the bulb’s functioning and cause it to flicker.

Troubleshooting Methods for Feit Smart Bulb Flickering

Fixing Electrical Problems

Checking Voltage Fluctuation

Users should first check for voltage inconsistency. A voltage tester can come in handy for this task. If the voltage is not within the acceptable range for the smart bulb, then fluctuation in voltage could be responsible for the bulb flickering.

Ensuring Proper Bulb Installation

Ensure that the bulb has been correctly fitted into the socket. A loose connection can also cause the Feit Smart Bulb to flicker.

Addressing Firmware Issues

Updating Bulb Firmware

Firmware updates are crucial in enhancing the performance and functionality of smart bulbs. Users can check for any available updates on their mobile app. Once any pending updates are found, it is advisable to install them promptly to mitigate any software-related problems causing the flickering.

Factory Resetting the Bulb

If the problem persists despite the updates, users should consider performing a factory reset of the bulb. This can resolve any deep-rooted firmware issues causing the flickering.

Resolving Network Interference Issues

Checking Wifi Connectivity

Monitor the strength of the Wi-Fi connection. Network connectivity should be consistent and robust enough to sustain the bulb without causing any flicker.

Changing Wifi Channels

If interference from other radio frequencies in the area is causing bulb flickering, changing the Wi-Fi channel can be a solution. Users can access this option in their router’s settings.

Prevention Measures

Regular Firmware Updates

Keeping the bulb software updated regularly plays a crucial role in preventing flickering and ensuring a seamless experience for users.

Regular Electrical Maintenance

Routinely checking electricity-related components and ensuring their optimal performance can prevent voltage issues, subsequently reducing the likelihood of bulb flickering.

Strong Network Connection

A strong and stable network connection is crucial for the smooth functioning of all smart devices, including the Feit Smart Bulb. Maintaining a glitch-free internet connection can significantly decrease the chances of bulb flickering.


This article aimed to highlight the main causes of Feit Smart Bulb flickering and provide simple yet effective solutions to tackle this problem. Whether the cause is an electrical inconsistency, a firmware glitch, or network interference, there are remedies available to rectify the flickering issue. By prioritizing regular firmware updates, routine electrical checks, and maintaining a robust network connection, one can not only prevent bulb flickering but also enhance the overall lifespan of the smart bulb.


Why does my Feit Smart Bulb keep flickering randomly?

The major reasons for your Feit Smart Bulb flickering could be electrical inconsistencies, outdated firmware, or network interference.

How can I stop my Feit Smart Bulb from flickering?

Check for voltage fluctuations, ensure proper bulb installation, keep your firmware up-to-date, and provide a stable Wi-Fi connection. If all else fails, try a factory reset.

Can flickering damage the bulb?

Yes, constant flickering can lessen the bulb’s performance and reduce its overall lifespan. Hence, it is crucial to address it at the earliest.