Unveiling the Manufacturer: Who Makes Onn TV?

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When navigating the vast sea of television electronics, one brand that might stand apart from the crowd is ONN TV. This distinct brand name demands curiosity and raises questions like, who makes ONN TV? Why should you consider this brand over popular alternatives? This article aims to answer these questions and provide an in-depth look into ONN TV and its journey in the electronics world.

History of ONN TV

The name ONN, while quite distinctive, is inextricably linked with the world-famous conglomerate, Walmart. Intriguingly, Walmart decided to venture into Electronics under their private label brand known as ONN. As Walmart has grown to be a behemoth in the retail industry, ONN TV too has seen considerable growth since its inception.

Who Makes ONN TV

Breaking the suspense, Walmart is the primary manufacturer of ONN TV. Diversifying from retail into electronics, the retail giant did not merely stumble upon TV manufacturing but made a resolute decision to enter this domain. This decision was backed by meticulous considerations to offer consumers a budget-friendly, yet good quality alternative in the thriving television market.

To ensure consistency in quality and production, ONN TVs are usually produced in large manufacturing facilities based in China.

Manufacture and Assembly Process of ONN TV

The journey of an ONN TV from conception to the store shelves is an intricate process. Following a designed blueprint, specific parts are assembled like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle. The process moves systematically along an assembly line, beginning with the assembling of circuits and ending with the meticulous fitting of casings.

Every assembled unit goes through a rigorous quality control process. Walmart ensures these checks to offer a product that matches its reputation.

Different Models of ONN TV

ONN TV flaunts an eclectic mix of models, each optimized to cater to specific customer needs. From the budget-conscious shopper to the individual seeking an immersive movie-watching experience, ONN has it all. The distinguishing features across these models are largely centered around screen size, resolution, and smart TV functionalities.

Market Performance and Competitive Position

ONN TV has steadily etched out a niche for itself in the crowded television market. The budget-friendly price point coupled with decent quality has resulted in increasing traction for this brand.

However, when compared to brands with an established legacy like Samsung, LG, or Sony, ONN TVs still have some way to go in terms of brand recognition and popularity.

Reviews and Ratings

User reviews and ratings are critical in understanding product strengths and weaknesses. ONN TV’s majority reviews applaud their excellent price-performance ratio but some users find the Trade-off between cost and some features to be a downside.

Future of ONN TVs

Considering the increasing market share and consumer interest, the future looks promising for ONN TVs. With constant advancement in technology, one can expect ONN to incorporate more advanced features in their television models.


In summary, Walmart’s venture of ONN TVs has managed to carve out a place in the television market. As long as quantitative value for money remains a magnet for consumers, ONN TV will continue to find takers.


What does ONN stand for in ONN TV?

While there are several theories, ONN is essentially a brand name created by Walmart for their line of electronics, including TVs.

Why did Walmart decide to make ONN TV?

Walmart decided to make ONN TVs to offer customers high-quality, budget-friendly television options.

Where are ONN TVs produced?

ONN TVs are primarily produced in manufacturing facilities in China.

How does the manufacture and assembly process of ONN TV work?

The manufacturing process involves part assembly to screen fixation to rigorous quality checks.

Which ONN TV models are most popular?

The popularity of models mainly depends upon individual requirements, but their larger screen smart TVs generally receive more attention.

What does the future hold for ONN TVs?

As long as they continue adapting and improving to customer needs and market trends, the future seems promising for ONN TVs.

Are ONN TVs a good value for the price?

Considering the price point and the functionalities offered, ONN TVs indeed offer a good value for the price.