Unraveling the Mystery: Why Are My Smart Lights Flickering and How to Fix Them?

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Smart Lights, the intelligent, Wi-Fi-enabled bulbs you can control through a smartphone app or smart home automation system, are changing the way we illuminate our spaces. One nagging issue, though, brings along some users’ concerns — flickering smart lights. Although not a common problem, it’s significant enough to warrant attention. This article aims to illuminate the reasons behind the mysterious flickering and provide solutions for it.

Understanding Smart Lights

Before delving into flickering causes, it’s crucial to comprehend how smart lights operate and their key features. At their core, smart lights are LED bulbs equipped with wireless technologies—like Wi-Fi or Zigbee—that communicate with a central hub or smartphone over a network. This installation allows you to control them remotely from virtually anywhere. Various smart lights offer different functionalities, from dimming to color changing to integration with voice assistants.

Causes of Smart Lights Flickering

Several reasons can cause your smart lights to flicker, ranging from technical electrical concerns to network-related issues.

Electrical Issues

Wiring Issues

These arise due to poor electrical installation or faulty wiring. If the smart light lacks a stable electrical current, it can flicker as the bulb attempts to stabilize the power flow.

Voltage Fluctuations

If your home experiences sudden voltage changes, it can cause your smart lights to flicker. Seamless operation requires a steady power supply.

Incompatible Dimmers

Some households use traditional dimmer switches not designed to handle the low power rating of smart lights, inducing flickering or sudden switch-off.

Network Problems

Internet Connectivity Issues

Since smart lights rely on a constant internet connection for functional control and updates, inconsistent or weak Wi-Fi signals can cause flickering.

Interference From Other Devices

The smart lights can flicker if other wireless devices on the same network interfere with their signal, creating connection instability.

Bulb Quality and Type

Low-Quality Bulb

Cheap, off-brand smart bulbs may deliver less reliability and consistency, leading to unexpected behaviors such as flickering.

Use of Non-LED bulbs

Technically, smart bulbs are designed around LED technology. Using non-LED ones can potentially cause flickering due to unmatched technology pairing.

Solutions to Smart Lights Flickering

Once you’ve identified the causes, the solutions become straightforward.

Resolving Electrical Issues

Addressing Wiring Problems

A certified electrician can fix wiring issues, guaranteeing quality and safety.

Regulating Voltage Fluctuations

A voltage regulator can help stabilize your home’s electrical supply, preventing any smart light flickering.

Compatible Dimmers

Consider switching to dimmers specifically designed for LED smart bulbs if you are using traditional ones.

Resolving Network Problems

Strengthening Internet connection

For a more stable Wi-Fi signal, consider upgrading your router, moving it closer to your smart lights, or employing Wi-Fi extenders.

Reducing Interference from Other Devices

Try changing your router’s channel or relocating devices that might interfere with your smart lights’ signal.

Opting for High-Quality and Right Type of Bulbs

Invest in high-end, reputable smart bulb brands for quality and reliability assurance. Always ensure you are using LED bulbs designated for smart use.

How to Prevent Smart Lights from Flickering

Prevention is always better than cure. Below are measures that can minimise the chances of your smart lights flickering:

Proper Installation and Set-up

Ensure that your smart lights are correctly installed and set up according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Regular Maintenance

Regularly check your smart lights for any faults or firmware updates which might stabilize their performance.

Choosing Reliable and High-Quality Products

Investing in top-quality smart lights and equipment ensures long-lasting, flicker-free illumination.

Ensuring Stable Network Connection

Regularly updating your internet equipment and maintaining a robust Wi-Fi network will keep your smart lights from flickering due to connectivity problems.


Smart Light flickering can be pesky, but the good news is that these issues are generally solvable. Diagnosing the cause and pursuing the right action can lead to worry-free and smartly-lit homes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the typical reasons why my smart lights are flickering?

Flickering can be caused by various factors, including electrical issues, network problems, and the quality and type of the bulb.

How can I fix the problem if my smart lights are flickering due to electrical issues?

Addressing wiring problems, managing voltage fluctuations, and using compatible dimmers are some of the ways to fix smart lights flickering due to electrical issues.

How can I resolve the problem if my smart lights are flickering due to network issues?

Strengthening internet connection and reducing interference from other devices can help solve this issue.

What type of bulbs should I choose to prevent my smart lights from flickering?

Opt for high-quality LED bulbs designated for smart use to ensure their seamless performance.

How can I prevent my smart lights from flickering in the long run?

Proper installation and setup, regular maintenance, choosing high-quality products, and ensuring a stable network connection can help prevent smart lights from flickering in the long run.