Unraveling the Mystery: A Comprehensive Guide on How to Find Likes on Instagram

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Instagram stands tall in the modern panorama of social media platforms. Cultivating a potent blend of image-forward content and social interaction, it offers a unique platform for individuals and brands to engage with their followers. Likes on Instagram posts serve as key markers of content’s efficacy and popularity, guiding strategies for both personal and business accounts. This article offers a thorough guide on how to find likes on Instagram and the critical role they play in social media strategies.

Explanation of Instagram Likes

The ‘like’ is a fundamental component of Instagram – a virtual thumbs-up to acknowledge and appreciate content. It shapes the high-speed, high-engagement environment of the platform. But what exactly is an Instagram like? Simply put, it’s a visual representation of appreciation and agreement from your audience. The ‘like’ button, symbolized by a small heart, is instantly recognizable and universally understood on Instagram.

Instagram’s likes present a significant digital currency in this social platform. They signify popularity and act as a measure of content’s impact and reach. However, in 2019, Instagram introduced a new policy hiding the exact number of likes from the public view, which changed the dynamics slightly.

How to View Likes on Your Posts

Though public like counts have been vanquished, viewing likes on your posts remains straightforward. Navigate to your profile, select a post, and click on ‘Others’ under the photo or video. You’ll see a list of all users who liked it.

Understanding these likes allows you to gauge what content resonates best with your audience and shape future posting strategies accordingly.

How to Find Likes on Other User’s Instagram Posts

Instagram’s like-display policy change significantly restricted the ability to see the precise likes on others’ posts. However, some methods work around this. By using Instagram’s desktop version, you can hover over the ‘others’ text, and the exact count pops up.

Using Instagram Insights to Track Likes

Instagram Insights provides a goldmine of data regarding post-performance. Accessible for business and creator accounts, it provides detailed analytics that include like counts.

To activate Instagram Insights, navigate to your profile and tap on the burger icon on the upper right corner. Select ‘Insights,’ and you’re in. To track likes, select ‘Content You Shared,’ then ‘See All,’ and filter by ‘Likes.’

Checking Instagram Insights regularly lets you garner a comprehensive understanding of audience preferences, which can enhance content planning.

How to Increase Likes on Instagram

More likes on a post boost its potential reach,influence, and visibility. Strategies to increase likes involve quality content creation, regular posting, audience engagement, and effective hashtag use.

Effects of Likes on Instagram Engagement and Reach

Instagram’s algorithm prioritizes engagement, and likes play a significant role here. Content with more likes stands a better chance of being pushed up the news feed.

How to Manage and Respond to Likes on Instagram

Engaging with those who like your posts fosters a sense of community and encourages further interaction. Responding to comments, thanking followers, and initiating discussions can create a positive impact on your Instagram reach.


Understanding and managing Instagram likes is key to maximizing your Instagram strategy. Whether you’re running a personal blog or business page, it’s essential to grasp how to find and increase likes on your Instagram posts.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can you still see likes on Instagram in 2022?

Yes, you can see the likes on your posts, but you can’t see the exact likes on other’s posts due to Instagram’s policy.

Why can’t I see likes on someone else’s Instagram post?

In 2019, Instagram started hiding likes on posts as part of an effort to focus more on content rather than popularity.

How can I get more likes on Instagram?

You can increase likes by ensuring quality content, regular posting, engaging with your audience, and using appropriate hashtags.

Why should I care about likes on Instagram?

Likes are indicators of audience engagement and content preference – they form an important metric in measuring your Instagram strategy’s success.

Is there any third-party app to track or see Instagram likes?

Several third-party apps claim to offer such services, but Instagram discourages their use due to security concerns.

How do I use Instagram Insights to check likes?

Instagram Insights provides a detailed analysis of your posts’ engagement. To access it, go to your profile, tap on the burger icon, select ‘Insights,’ and ‘Content You Shared.’ Filter these by ‘Likes’ to see the data.