Understanding Why You Can’t Access Paramount Plus on Your Samsung TV: A Comprehensive Guide

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In today’s rapidly advancing digital era, streaming platforms like Paramount Plus have grown to become a modern household staple. Meanwhile, the name Samsung is synonymous with high-quality smart TVs. These advanced televisions promise the capability of hosting multiple streaming platforms for your entertainment pleasure. However, one common conundrum that many users face is the inability to get Paramount Plus on their Samsung TV, which hinders the smooth streaming experience one might expect. This article aims to delve deeper into the issue, unravel its causes and find potential solutions.

Paramount Plus: An Insight

Paramount Plus, the rebranded and expanded version of CBS All Access, is quickly gaining traction as an entertainment hub with a diverse array of content ranging from classic TV shows, blockbuster movies to exclusive originals. From Nickelodeon classics for kids, to culminating exclusives like Star Trek: Discovery for adults, the platform offers something for everyone. Despite its trafficking benefits, Paramount Plus surprisingly doesn’t feature on some Samsung TVs, leading to a wave of perplexity amongst users.

Samsung Smart TVs: An Overview

Samsung has forged a reputation of making top-tier smart TVs equipped with state-of-the-art technology. These TVs accommodate various streaming platforms including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+ amongst others. The versatility and wide-ranging compatibility of Samsung TVs enhance the user experience, providing more entertainment options at their fingertips.

The Core Problem: Paramount Plus not available on Samsung TV

Despite Samsung TVs’ adeptness at hosting multiple streaming platforms, Paramount Plus isn’t accessible on some models. This absence roots primarily in the fact that at present, Paramount Plus is only natively supported on Samsung smart TVs from 2017 onwards. Older models, albeit still functional and efficient, unfortunately, miss out on direct access to Paramount Plus.

Compatibility Issues

Compatibility can indeed be a requisite concern between a streaming platform and a device. While Samsung may have rolled out updates or patches to make sure all apps are compatible with their model range, the absence of Paramount plus might indicate a yet unresolved compatibility issue. For older models, hardware and software limitations could be potential factors obstructing the Paramount Plus app’s smooth operation.

Paramount Plus App Functionality

The Paramount Plus app operates smoothly on numerous devices, including but not limited to smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and certain smart TVs. The streamlined functionality on these devices ranges from easy navigation to effortless content streaming, making it a user-friendly platform. However, as it currently stands, some Samsung TV users might not experience this seamless operation due to the aforementioned compatibility problems.

Potential Solutions to the Problem

Until Paramount Plus amplifies its compatibility range over Samsung TVs, users can venture alternate means to savor this platform’s rich content. One practical solution could involve casting Paramount Plus from a compatible device such as a smartphone or tablet onto the Samsung TV. Alternatively, streaming devices like Roku sticks or Amazon Fire TV sticks could also serve as conduits to access Paramount Plus.


The issue of Paramount Plus’ non-accessibility on certain Samsung TVs may seem observationally vexing. However, armed with an understanding of the probable root causes and knowledge of potential solutions, this quandary might not seem so insurmountable.


Why doesn’t my Samsung Smart TV support Paramount Plus?

Your Samsung Smart TV may not support Paramount Plus if it was manufactured before 2017, due to compatibility issues.

What Samsung TV models are compatible with Paramount Plus?

Samsung TV models from 2017 onwards are generally compatible with Paramount Plus.

How do I cast Paramount Plus from my phone to my Samsung TV?

You can cast Paramount Plus from your phone to your Samsung TV using a Chromecast device or utilizing the built-in casting feature of your phone, if available.

Are there any plans to make Paramount Plus available on Samsung Smart TVs in the future?

While there has been no official communication, it is expected that Paramount Plus and Samsung are working to expand compatibility for all models.

What are the alternative ways to watch Paramount Plus on my TV if it’s not available directly?

Alternative ways to access Paramount Plus on your TV include casting from a different device, or using a streaming device like a Roku or Amazon Fire TV stick.

What other streaming platforms are available on Samsung Smart TVs?

Other streaming platforms widely available on Samsung Smart TVs include Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, and Disney+ among others.