Understanding the Problem: Why Can’t I Follow People on Instagram?

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The world of social media is indeed intriguing and Instagram, with its intuitive interface and amalgam of photos, videos, and playful features, has become a haven for the netizens. One of the primary attributes of Instagram is its ‘Follow’ feature which helps build your social community. But wait, what happens when you can’t follow people on Instagram? Let’s delve deeper into this issue and decipher the underlying causes.

How Instagram’s follow function works

Before we decode the mystery, it’s important to understand how Instagram’s follow function operates. Hitting the ‘Follow’ button on someone’s profile enables you access to their public posts, stories, and reels – forming the social aspect of this platform. This feature not only lets you stay updated on their Instagram activities but also promotes interaction through likes, comments, and shares. However, Instagram does impose certain restrictions on this ‘follow’ feature as a measure against spam or inappropriate activities.

Technical reasons why you can’t follow people on Instagram

Every technology is vulnerable to glitches, and so is Instagram. If you’re wondering why you can’t follow people on Instagram, you might want to scrutinize a few tech issues.

Internet connection or App glitches

Crummy internet can disrupt the app functions. Also, bugs in the application can prevent you from following other accounts. A simple log out, and log back in, or even reinstalling the app might just solve such issues.

Instagram updates affecting the follow function

Occasionally, an Instagram update might cause unsettled functionality, including the follow feature. So, ensuring that your app is up to date may help.

Cases involving browser issues or mobile device problems

At times, the problem isn’t Instagram, but the device or browser you’re using. Trying a different browser, or clearing cache can offer a quick solution.

Instagram’s Policies related to the follow function

Instagram is stern when it comes to policy violations. Not adhering to Instagram’s policies can restrict your ability to follow people.

Description of Instagram’s policies

Instagram imposes a maximum number of follows per day to limit spam. Excessive and rapid ‘follow and unfollow’ actions are considered suspicious and can lead to restrictions.

Specifics on Instagram’s rules on ‘follow and unfollow’ actions

The guidelines specify that a user can’t follow more than 7500 people. Additionally, following a large number of people in a short time can trigger Instagram’s algorithm into believing it’s a spam action.

The issue of ‘action blocked’

A common reason behind the inability to follow people on Instagram is the ‘action blocked’ prompt.

Understanding ‘Action Blocked’ prompt

When Instagram detects any suspicious activity, such as excessive following within a short frame, the app restricts the user’s action as a protective measure, triggering the infamous ‘action blocked’ note.

The reasons why Instagram blocks a user’s actions

Triggering Instagram’s algorithm by violating guidelines, reports from other Instagram users, or irregular engagement patterns can lead to an action block. It’s Instagram’s way of maintaining the platform’s integrity and avoiding misuse.

How long ‘Action Blocked’ lasts and how to resolve it

The length of an action block varies based on the extent of the violation. It could range from a few hours to even weeks. Being respectful of guidelines and showing normal user behavior can help resolve this issue.

Other specific reasons for being unable to follow people on Instagram

Being blocked by the user you attempt to follow:

If a user has blocked you, you won’t be able to follow them.

Reaching the maximum limit of accounts one can follow:

As per Instagram’s regulations, a user can’t follow more than 7500 accounts.

An unverified or deactivated account:

A suspended, unverified, or deactivated account can also result in a follow function failure.

How to resolve the issue

For systematic resolution of the follow function issue, identify the root cause from amongst the reasons discussed above. Then follow the corresponding solutions. If the problem persists, it’s advised to report the issue to the Instagram Help Center.


In this digital age, Instagram has successfully crafted a vital space in our lives. Understanding the intricate aspects of this platform, like the nuances of the follow function, can enable a seamless Instagram journey.often slight misunderstandings or unawareness about Instagram’s rules can put you in a fix. Now that you’re familiar with the possible reasons behind the question Why can’t I follow people on Instagram?, you can address and fix the issue in a composed manner.


Why am I getting action blocked on Instagram?

Action block is Instagram’s defense against spam or violations of Instagram’s guidelines. Excessive following or engagement patterns that look like spamming can lead to an action block.

How many people can I follow on Instagram per day?

As a general rule, Instagram allows a maximum of 200 follows/unfollows, likes, or comments per hour.

What does it mean when Instagram won’t let me follow someone?

If you can’t follow someone on Instagram, you might either have reached the maximum follow limit, the person might have blocked you, or you might be facing an action block due to violation of Instagram’s rules.

How long does Instagram action block last?

Instagram’s action block can last from few hours to weeks, based on the extent of the violation.

Can I bypass the limitations established by Instagram policy?

Bypassing Instagram’s limitations can further lead to account suspension. It’s recommended to respect and adhere to Instagram’s policies.

What to do when I can’t follow any more people on Instagram?

If you can’t follow any more people on Instagram, check if you’ve reached the follow limit, or look for any notification of an action block. If the problem persists, consider reporting it to Instagram for assistance.