Understanding the Issue: Why Does My Wyze Cam Say Offline?

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Wyze Cam, a leading name in the smart home industry, provides affordable and high-quality surveillance solutions with a host of essential features like real-time streaming, night vision, motion detection, and cloud storage. However, like any tech product, you may encounter some issues. One of the more common hassles is the camera indicating its offline status.

Offline essentially means that the Wyze Cam is not communicating with your network or mobile application for some reason. Consequently, it cannot display the video feed or trigger alert notifications, causing inconvenience.

Different Reasons Why the Wyze Cam Would Say It Is Offline

We have identified several key reasons as to why your Wyze Cam might show as offline. Here are some factors that might contribute to this issue, categorized into Internet Connection Issues, Wyze Software Problems, Power-related Concerns, and Hardware Complications.

Internet Connection Issues

1. Weak Wi-Fi Signal:

If your Wyze Cam isn’t maintaining a strong connection with your Wi-Fi, it may periodically switch to offline mode.

2. Router Problems:

Your router might be overburdened or experiencing technical issues, resulting in the camera going offline.

3. ISP Issues:

Sometimes, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) might be having problems that result in poor or no internet connectivity, causing Wyze Cam to go offline.

Wyze Software Problems

1. Outdated Firmware:

Like any software, outdated firmware can cause performance issues, and may be why your Wyze Cam is offline.

2. Application Bugs:

If there are bugs in the Wyze application, your camera might be intermittently displayed as offline.

Power-Related Issues

1. Power Outage:

If there’s a power outage in your area or at your home, your Wyze Cam will go offline.

2. Faulty Charging Cable or Adapter:

If your camera’s charging cable or power adapter is malfunctioning, it may not get enough power to stay online.

Hardware Issues

1. Damaged Camera:

If your Wyze Cam is damaged, it may constantly show as offline no matter what you do.

2. SD Card issues:

Problems with your SD card can affect your Wyze Cam’s regular operations, including its connection to the network.

Steps to Troubleshoot an Offline Wyze Cam

If your Wyze Cam shows an offline status, try these troubleshooting steps before reaching out to Wyze support.

Internet Connection Troubleshooting

1. Resetting the Router:

Sometimes, resetting your router can clear out any minor issues.

2. Improving Wi-Fi Signal:

Ensure your Wyze Cam is within the Wi-Fi range and not blocked by any objects that may interfere with the signal.

3. Contacting ISP:

If the problem persists, it might be an issue with your ISP, and you may need to contact them.

Wyze Software Troubleshooting

1. Updating Firmware:

Keep your Wyze Cam’s firmware up-to-date to ensure smooth operations.

2. Reinstalling the Wyze Application:

If bugs are causing the problem, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Wyze app.

Power-Related Troubleshooting

1. Checking Power Supply:

Verify that your Wyze Cam is receiving power by checking whether the LED light is on.

2. Replacing Charging Cable or Adapter:

If your Wyze Cam’s charging cable or power adapter is faulty, replacing it may solve the problem.

Hardware Troubleshooting

1. Checking for Physical Damages:

If you notice any physical damage to your device, you might need a replacement.

2. SD Card Maintenance:

Check your SD card for issues. You may need to clean it or replace it with a new one.

When To Contact Wyze Support

If, after executing all these steps, your Wyze Cam still displays an offline status, it’s time to contact Wyze Support. Also, if there are other technical issues that you cannot resolve, customer support can provide assistance.


While encountering an offline status on your Wyze Cam can be frustrating, knowing the potential causes and how to troubleshoot them can lessen the hassle. Also, Wyze offers a dedicated support team ready and able to assist you when needed, ensuring you get the most from your Wyze Cam.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why is my Wyze Cam intermittently going offline?

Your Wyze Cam may be going offline intermittently due to poor Wi-Fi signal strength, power issues, hardware damages or Wyze app bugs.

How do I get my Wyze Cam back online?

Troubleshoot your Wyze Cam by checking your internet connection, ensuring the device is properly powered, updating the firmware, and reinstalling the app.

Do I need to upgrade the firmware every time it goes offline?

Firmware upgrade isn’t necessarily required every time the cam goes offline, unless the offline status is due to outdated firmware.

Why does my Wyze Cam keep saying offline even with a good internet connection?

In such cases, the problem could be due to potential hardware issues, power-related problems, or Wyze application bugs.

Can I still retrieve my video recordings when my Wyze Cam goes offline?

You will not be able to access real-time or cloud-stored video feeds when the camera is offline. However, if you have an installed SD card, you can retrieve footage directly from it.

How do I reach out to Wyze Support?

You can reach out to Wyze Support through the official Wyze website or through the Wyze app. They provide telephone and email support for troubleshooting and resolving issues.