Understanding Blink Security System: What Does Armed Mean?

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In a world where security concerns are on the rise, Blink has emerged as a reliable and intuitive smart home security system. A key feature in Blink is the ‘Armed’ status which plays a critical role in strengthening the overall security. But, what exactly does ‘Armed’ mean in the context of Blink Security?

Understand the Concept of Armed in Blink

What ‘Armed’ Implies in Blink Security

The ‘Armed’ feature in Blink Security is essentially the state of readiness of the security system. When your Blink security system is ‘Armed’, it means that all the sensors and alarms in your system are activated andany detected motion will trigger alerts and notifications accordingly.

How the ‘Armed’ Feature Works

Once armed, the Blink security system will remain vigilant round the clock, keeping an eye on possible intrusions or untoward incidents. The infrared sensors will detect any motion during the day and at night. So, when you arm your system before heading out of the house or before retiring for the night, you can be assured of a strong layer of security.

Importance of Armed Status in Blink Security

How ‘Armed’ Status Ensures Enhanced Security

The ‘Armed’ status serves as a virtual security guard. Considering the wide range of sensors that are activated in this state, you are essentially securing all potential entry points of your home. If any motion is sensed, the system will either set off an alarm or send a notification to your phone, alerting you of a possible breach.

Instances Where ‘Armed’ Status is Useful

‘Armed’ status comes handy not just when you’re away from home. Even if you are at home and want specific areas to be monitored, you can use this feature. Say for instance, you are on the ground floor and want the upstairs to be monitored, you can arm the system for that particular zone.

How to Use the Armed Feature in Blink Security System

Instructions to Arm the Blink System

Arming the Blink system is as easy as tapping on the button labeled ‘Arm’ in the app. And voila, your Blink Security System is now ready to protect your property.

How to Determine if Your System is Armed

On your Blink app, you can quickly check the system status by looking for the ‘Armed’ label at the top of the home screen. If your system is armed, it will clearly indicate so.

Deactivating the Armed Status

Similar to arming the system, disarming it is also quite simple. Just tap the ‘Disarm’ button on the app, and the system will go to stand-by mode with the sensors being inactive.

Advanced Features Linked With Armed Status in Blink

Scheduling the Armed Status

To further automate the security, Blink systems allow users to schedule the ‘Armed’ status. This means you can set specific times or days for the system to automatically arm or disarm itself.

Integration of Armed Status with other Home Devices

Blink also offers a great integration facility, letting you connect your security system with other smart devices like your home lighting or smart locks. This way, when your system is armed, the integrated devices can also become active, amplifying the security level.

Smart Phone App Notifications

Another key advantage of Blink and its ‘Armed’ status is the mobile app notifications facility. Whenever your armed system detects unusual activity, a push notification will be sent immediately to your smartphone.

Potential Issues and Troubleshooting Steps

Common issues faced while using the ‘Armed’ Feature and Their Solutions

While Blink is a robust system, users may sometimes confront issues like not receiving notifications, delays in arming, etc. A quick restart or system update usually resolves these minor glitches.

Importance of Regular System Check to Ensure Effective Functioning of ‘Armed’ Feature

To ensure the ‘Armed’ feature is always at its best, it is important to regularly check and maintain your Blink system. Regular updates and timely battery replacements can help with smooth functioning of the security system.


In a nutshell, the ‘Armed’ status in Blink is a state where your security system is actively monitoring for possible security breaches. The convenience and security that comes with the ‘Armed’ feature makes it an indispensable tool in today’s security-focused world.


What does it mean when Blink system is Armed?

It means that the security system is actively monitoring for any unusual activity.

How do I know if my Blink security system is Armed?

You can check the status on the home screen of the Blink app.

How can I arm or disarm my Blink security system?

You can do this through your Blink app by tapping on the Arm/Disarm button.

Can I schedule the Armed status on my Blink system?

Yes, Blink allows you to schedule the Armed status.

What do I do if my Armed status is not working properly on Blink?

Restarting the system usually resolves minor issues. If it still persists, contact Blink support.

Can I manage the ‘Armed’ status from my smartphone? How?

Yes, you can manage it through the Blink app.

What other devices can be integrated with the Armed status of Blink?

Smart devices like home lighting and smart locks can be integrated with Blink’s Armed status.