Troubleshooting Steps for When Your Blink Live View is Not Working

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Blink is a renowned name in the home security sector, offering a plethora of high-end home security systems. Among its numerous features, the Blink Live View function plays a pivotal role in ensuring optimal surveillance. However, the situation can be significantly daunting whenever the Blink Live View stops working. In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Blink Live View, what causes it to stop working, and how to fix it.

Understanding the Live View of Blink Security System

The Blink Live View system allows users to live stream video feed from their connected Blink cameras. This feature is accessible via the Blink app and is instrumental in monitoring home activities remotely, providing real-time access to your home or office premises. The primary benefits include real-time surveillance, immediate response to unexpected events, and enhanced security measures.

Common Problems in Blink Live View

Blink and its Live View feature, despite being known for reliability, can encounter some common issues that lead to its malfunction. These range from error messages such as Live View Failed or Camera Not Available. Often, these issues are a result of connectivity problems, firmware issues, inadequate Camera Power, or incorrect settings in the Blink app.

Possible Causes for Blink Live View not Working

Issues with Blink Live View often boil down to a range of potential causes:

Connectivity Issues

A poor network connection between the Blink camera and your WiFi can disrupt the Live View function.

Firmware Updating Issues

Outdated firmware can cause Live View to stop working or function improperly.

Inadequate Camera Power Supply

An insufficient power supply to the Blink camera can disrupt its Live View feature.

Incorrect Settings in the Blink App

Misconfigured settings in the Blink app can also result in the malfunctioning of the Live View feature.

Troubleshooting Steps to Fix Live View Errors

Fixing Live View errors involves diagnosing and troubleshooting the possible causes:

Diagnosing Connectivity Issues

Check the strength of your WiFi signal, and the distance of the camera from the WiFi router. Resetting the router may also help in some cases.

Updating Firmware

Ensure that you have installed the latest firmware updates for your Blink security system using the official app.

Resolving Power Supply Problems

Check the power supply cables and plugs to ensure they are connected correctly and not damaged. Replace if necessary.

Correcting Settings in the Blink App

Re-calibrate the settings within the Blink app, ensuring they align with the manufacturer’s recommended configuration.

Precautions to Prevent Future Live View Problems

To prevent recurrent issues with your Blink Live View, consider following these best practices:

Network-Related Issues

Periodically check your network health to ensure robust connectivity.

Firmware Updates

Install the latest firmware iteration released by Blink.

Power Issues

Regularly inspect your Blink cameras for any power supply issues such as weak batteries or faulty cables.

Setting Up the Blink App

Always follow the official Blink documentation when setting up or configuring your Blink app.

Contacting Blink Customer Service

If you’re unable to resolve the issue after trying the suggestions in this article, contacting Blink Customer Service may be necessary. Ensure you are prepared with all relevant details such as error messages and troubleshooting steps attempted. Besides direct technical support, Blink also offers many support resources, including an extensive knowledge-base and community forums.


Maintaining a fully functional Blink Live View is paramount in ensuring constant real-time surveillance. Though problems may arise, following the troubleshooting methods enlisted herein and acting proactively can help keep such issues at bay.


Why is my Blink Live View not working?

The Blink Live View may stop working due to various reasons including network connectivity, power supply issues, outdated firmware, or incorrect settings in the Blink app.

How do I fix my Blink Live View?

Try troubleshooting the issues starting from checking network connectivity, ensuring an adequate power supply, updating the firmware, and re-configuring the settings in the Blink app.

How do I keep my Blink security system in optimal working condition?

Staying updated with regular firmware updates, maintaining robust network connectivity, conducting routine checks for power issues, and setting up the Blink app correctly can help keep your security system in optimal condition.