Troubleshooting Guide: What to Do When Your Wyze Camera is Stuck on ‘Ready to Connect’

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Wyze cameras have gained popularity in recent times due to their affordability and impressive range of large-scale features. This smart device, adept for home security, offers high-definition live streaming, night vision, real-time alerts, and more. However, just like any tech gadget, it is not immune to occasional glitches. One such issue users commonly encounter is their Wyze camera being stuck on ‘Ready to Connect’.

Understanding the ‘Stuck on Ready to Connect’ Issue

When your Wyze camera displays a consistent ‘Ready to Connect’ message without actually establishing a connection, it signifies a problem. It construes that your camera is failing to connect to the network, thus affecting its functionality. The symptoms could range from inhibiting live streaming to hindering real-time alerts alignment.

This issue appears to be quite prevalent amongst users, causing a significant dent in overall user experiences. The breadth and extent of this problem necessitate a comprehensive understanding of its causes and potential remedies.

Common Causes of the Camera Issue

Many reasons might cause the Wyze camera to get stuck on ready to connect. A weak Wi-Fi signal or entirely no connectivity can have such an effect. Other times, it could be the result of outdated firmware or incorrect settings. Finally, a faulty camera device could also be the root cause of this problem.

Understanding the nuances behind each cause helps in detangling them effectively, enabling quicker solutions to bring your Wyze camera back to normalcy.

General Troubleshooting Methods

A few common resolutions apply irrespective of the identified cause for the issue. Start by rebooting your camera and router, then try resetting your camera to factory settings. Ensuring a strong Wi-Fi signal and upgrading your camera’s firmware can also help counter the problem.

Checking and optimizing your internet connection is another useful strategy. The Wyze camera performs optimally on a 2.4GHz band. Hence, ensure your router is set to single mode (B/G/N) for this frequency range.

Specific Solutions Based on Identified Causes

Once you find the specific source causing the issue, tailor your approach accordingly. If your Wi-Fi signal were weak, consider placing the router closer to the camera or vice versa. Should the issue result from an outdated firmware, ensure a quick update.

Each solution is designed to tackle a unique issue, thereby fixing the root cause and preventing its recurrence. User feedback and experiences validate the effectiveness of these solutions in getting Wyze cameras back on track.

Prevention Measures

Preventing the issue from recurring is as necessary as fixing it. Regularly updating your firmware, maintaining ideal conditions for Wi-Fi signal, and checking the camera settings can help prevent such troublesome predicaments.

What to Do If the Problem Persists

If, despite all efforts, the problem persists, it might be time to contact Wyze support. Armed with information about warranty options, you can effectively communicate your concerns. Don’t hesitate to explore other options, like seeking a replacement, if the issue remains unresolved after these measures.


While the Wyze camera being stuck on ‘Ready to Connect’ can disrupt its function, understanding the possible causes and suitable fixes can turn this daunting situation into a manageable one. Here’s hoping you find this guide helpful in troubleshooting the issue, restoring your peace of mind, and the camera’s functionality.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Why does my Wyze camera keep saying ready to connect?

This typically results from a connectivity issue, either due to weak Wi-Fi signal, router setting discrepancies, or outdated firmware.

How do I reset my Wyze camera that’s stuck on ‘Ready to Connect’?

You can perform a factory reset by pressing and holding the setup button for 10 seconds. Release it once you hear a voice prompt indicating the reset process.

What do I do if my Wyze camera will not connect after various troubleshooting methods?

If the camera still refuses to connect, it is advisable to contact Wyze technical support for further assistance.

How long should my Wyze camera take to connect?

In ideal conditions, a Wyze camera should take just a few moments to connect to your network after setup.

How do I contact Wyze camera technical support?

Wyze camera technical support can be reached through their official website or via the Wyze app. It is always beneficial to keep your camera’s model and serial number handy during such interactions.