Troubleshooting Guide: What to Do When Your LG TV Wifi Turns Off Unexpectedly

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Everything You Need to Know About LG TV Wi-Fi Issues: LG TV Wi-Fi Turned Off


In this digital age, the value of a constant internet connection is immeasurable, even extending to our television sets. And, in the realm of Smart TVs, LG is a known pioneer, producing models equipped with Wi-Fi capabilities bringing users a wide array of streaming services and apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and many more.

An effective internet connection is vital for utilizing these features of any smart TV, particularly LG models providing a seamless, interactive experience for the user. But there are times where we find that LG TV Wi-Fi turned off unexpectedly, leaving you stranded. Rest assured this comprehensive guide will help troubleshoot these problems and prevent such Wi-Fi hiccups in the future, ultimately enhancing your LG TV viewing experience.

Common Reasons Why LG TV Wi-Fi Gets Turned Off

There are multiple factors that could lead to your LG TV Wi-Fi being turned off. These fall into various categories:

A. Hardware and Software Issues

Faulty hardware, outdated software, or firmware issues within the TV could cause disconnection from the Wi-Fi network.

B. Internet Service Provider Problems

Sometimes, the issue might not be with your TV but with your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Temporary downtime or slower internet speeds from the ISP’s end can cause Wi-Fi disconnection.

C. Power Glitches

Power fluctuations or unexpected power outages could disrupt the TV’s Wi-Fi connection.

D. Inactivity or Disuse

If you are not actively using any internet-based service on the TV, it might automatically turn off Wi-Fi to conserve energy.

How to Check If Your LG TV Wi-Fi is Turned Off

Before you start troubleshooting, it is essential to ascertain if your LG TV’s Wi-Fi is indeed off.

A. Step-by-step Procedure of Accessing Wi-Fi Settings

Navigate to the home menu, select settings, and then choose network. If the Wi-Fi connection status is displayed as ‘disconnected’ or ‘not connected’, your Wi-Fi is turned off.

B. Signs to Look for to Ensure Wi-Fi is Off

If internet-based apps like Netflix or YouTube aren’t loading, or you are receiving error messages regarding internet connection, it indicates that your Wi-Fi might be turned off.

Troubleshooting Guide for LG TV Wi-Fi That’s Turned Off

A. General Reset Procedures

You can start by restarting your LG TV and your router/modem. This simple step often resolves many minor technical glitches.

B. Checking and Resetting Home Network

Ensure other devices can connect to your home network. If they cannot, consider resetting your home network or contacting your ISP.

C. Contacting the Internet Service Provider

If other devices can connect, but your LG TV cannot, contact your ISP. They can provide detailed instruction and insights on connection issues specific to your network.

D. Possible Need for Software Updates

Ensure your LG TV has the latest software updates. You can check this in the settings under ‘About TV’.

How to Turn Your LG TV Wi-Fi Back On

A. Detailed Instructions for Turning Your LG TV’s Wi-Fi Back On

Go to the home menu, choose settings, and select network. Navigate to ‘Wi-Fi Connection’, select your network name, enter the password if necessary, and click connect.

B. Additional Tips for Maintaining a Stable Wi-Fi Connection

Ensure your TV is within range of the Wi-Fi router and minimize interference from other electronic devices.

Advanced Solutions if LG TV Wi-Fi Won’t Turn On

A. Possible Hardware Repairs

If none of the troubleshooting steps work, the issue could be with the hardware. LG Service Centre can assist in such situations.

B. When to Consult Professional Help or Support from LG

Seek professional help when you’ve exhausted all steps, and the problem persists. LG customer support is also available to assist you.

C. Checking for Software or Firmware Updates and System Reset

Updating software or firmware may resolve Wi-Fi issues. If this is unsuccessful, a factory reset may be necessary but remember this removes personalized settings and installed apps.

Tips for Preventing Wi-Fi Disconnection on LG TV

To minimize Wi-Fi disruptions, regularly update your TV firmware, maintain your router’s good working condition, and ensure that your TV is within range of the Wi-Fi signal.

Frequently Asked Questions About LG TV Wi-Fi Issues

Refer to this section to clear any misconceptions or queries regarding your LG TV’s Wi-Fi features.


Understanding the reason behind your LG TV Wi-Fi issue is the key to effectively resolve it and prevent future disruptions. Well-functioning Wi-Fi enhances your LG Smart TV viewing experiences, making it more enjoyable.