Troubleshooting Guide: What to Do When Your Firestick Remote is Flashing Yellow?

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Overview of the Firestick Remote

Amazon’s Firestick Remote is a sleek, compact device that connects to the Amazon Firestick, introducing you to the extraordinary world of limitless streaming. Shaped like a regular TV remote, the Firestick Remote allows you to navigate the Firestick interface, control movie playback, adjust volume, and launch applications among other features. It is wireless, and syncs with your Fire stick device through Bluetooth technology.

Understanding the Yellow Flashing Light on the Firestick Remote

Among the possible signals emitted by the Firestick remote, the one that may cause most confusion is the yellow flashing light. This flashing yellow light is a way that the remote communicates and signifies that something is off. This could imply a number of issues such as power inadequacy, connectivity hitches, or possible malfunctioning of the remote itself.

Causes of Firestick Remote’s Yellow Flashing Light

Battery-related Problems

The most common instigator to the Firestick remote’s yellow flashing light is a battery issue. The power needed to fuel the Bluetooth connection between your remote and the Firestick device sprouts from the batteries in your remote. If your batteries are low, depleted, or improperly installed, the remote will flash a yellow light to indicate that there is a power problem.

Connectivity Issues

Another plausible cause is a connectivity issue. Firestick remotes pivot on Bluetooth technology to sync with the Firestick device. If the connection is not appropriately established, your remote will signal this to you via a yellow flashing light. Distractions in the form of obstacles between the remote and the device, or issues with your Firestick’s Bluetooth receiver may be the culprits.

Defects or Damages to the Firestick Remote

In some cases, an internal defect or damage to the Firestick remote may trigger the yellow flashing light. This could be as a result of a poor manufacturing process, or an inadvertent drop that may misalign some internal components.

Solutions to Fix Firestick Remote Flashing Yellow

Replacing the Batteries

The most straightforward solution is replacing the batteries. Remove the back cover of your remote and replace the old batteries with new ones. Make sure you insert them correctly, as mismatched polarities might cause the remote to malfunction.

Resetting the Firestick Remote

You might also try resetting the Firestick remote. To do this, press the menu button, the left navigation button and the back button on your remote simultaneously for 10 seconds. Once done, your Firestick remote will automatically disconnect from the device and then reconnect.

Re-syncing the Firestick Remote with the Device

If the yellow light continues to flash despite a successful reset, consider re-syncing your Firestick remote with your device. To do this, press and hold the home button on your remote for about 10 seconds. This should initiate the pairing process.

Contacting Amazon Customer Support or Replacing the Remote

If the yellow light still persists, it might signal a greater malfunction that may require technical assistance. You can reach out to Amazon customer support or consider purchasing a new Firestick remote.

Preventive Measures to Avoid the Firestick Remote from Flashing Yellow

Regularly Replacing Old Batteries

A simple way to prevent the Firestick remote from flashing yellow is by frequently changing your remote’s batteries. This ensures that your remote always has adequate power to maintain a steady Bluetooth connection with your Firestick device.

Proper Handling and Care of the Remote

Avoiding any internal damage to your remote is paramount for its optimal functionality. Always handle your Firestick remote with care to prevent any inadvertent drops or spills.


Although the yellow flashing light on your Firestick remote might seem alarming, it’s usually a straightforward issue to resolve. Whether it’s a battery problem, connectivity issue, or a defect in the remote itself; understanding the potential causes and corresponding solutions should set you back on track to an uninterrupted streaming experience.

Take preventive measures by regularly changing your remote’s batteries and practicing proper handling care to minimize the chances of facing the unplanned pause.


Why is the light on my Firestick remote blinking yellow?

The yellow blinking light on the Firestick remote may be an indicator of a battery shortage, a connectivity issue, or a malfunction in the remote itself.

How do I fix a Firestick remote that’s blinking yellow?

You may fix this issue by replacing the batteries, resetting the Firestick remote, re-syncing the remote with your device, or contacting Amazon customer support for assistance.

How do I prevent my Firestick remote from flashing yellow?

Regularly replacing your remote’s batteries and practicing proper handling of your remote can help to prevent the remote from flashing yellow.