Troubleshooting Guide: What to Do When Peacock App isn’t Working on Your Samsung TV

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As modern television users, we have shifted towards a digital landscape supported by numerous streaming services. Among these, the Peacock app has created a significant buzz. With a gamut of movies, series, sports events, and exclusive content from NBC, the Peacock app has quickly emerged as a preferred choice for viewers across the board.

This app holds particular importance for Samsung Smart TV owners because of Samsung’s compatibility with various streaming platforms and renowned picture quality, making it an ideal companion for streaming.

However, at instances, Samsung TV owners encounter issues running the Peacock app, causing distress and frustration. In this detailed guide, we will discuss the symptoms, causes, and comprehensive troubleshooting techniques you can employ to address the problem of the Peacock app not working on your Samsung TV.

Detailed Description of the Problem

Like any technical problems, the issue with the Peacock app failing to work on a Samsung TV presents some telltale symptoms. These could include the app crashing, stopping, or refusing to launch, interrupted video streaming, or even incessant buffering.

The consequences of these issues could range from hampered entertainment times to serious disruptions in following your favorite sports events or shows. Hence, it becomes critical not only to identify but also address these problems swiftly and efficiently.

Common Causes of Problems

Several factors could lead to the Peacock app malfunctioning on your Samsung TV.

Internet connectivity issues

A stable internet connection is vital for the smooth functioning of the Peacock app. A weak or unstable connection can cause the app to crash or buffer continuously.

Incompatibility between the device and app

Despite Samsung Smart TVs generally being compatible with the Peacock app, some older models may face compatibility issues.

Server issues on the side of Peacock

At times, the app’s issues are due to server-side problems from Peacock, over which users have little control.

Outdated software or app version

Running an old version of the app or having an outdated Samsung TV software might affect the app’s functionality.

Hardware limitations

Certain hardware limitations, like insufficient device storage or processing capabilities, might lead to the app not working efficiently.

Troubleshooting Techniques

Various general troubleshooting techniques can help resolve the Peacock app’s issue on your Samsung TV.

Checking internet connection

Ensure you have a stable, high-speed internet connection, as it’s crucial for the smooth streaming of content.

Restarting the device

Like any electronic device, a simple restart might refresh the system and resolve the issue.

Updating the software or app

Check for any available software updates on your Samsung TV or updates for the Peacock app.

Checking for app compatibility

Ensure that your Samsung TV model is compatible with the Peacock app.

Step by Step Guide on How to Fix the Problem

Clear cache and data

Clearing the cache and data from the Peacock app might resolve the issue.

Perform app updates

If available, update the app right away for improved performance.

Hardware reset

As a last resort, consider performing a hard reset on your TV.

Contact customer support

If all else fails, contact Peacock or Samsung’s customer support for professional assistance.

Preventive Measures

Prevention is better than cure, a saying that holds true for technical issues too. Keep the Peacock app updated regularly, clear your app cache and data now and then, and ensure your device goes through regular check-ups to prevent such issues from appearing in the first place.


While encountering problems with the Peacock app on your Samsung TV can be frustrating, understanding the causes and knowing the right steps to troubleshoot could save you from unnecessary stress. Make sure to address the problem promptly and take the suggested preventive measures to enjoy a seamless streaming experience.


Why does the Peacock app keep crashing on my Samsung TV?

This might be due to various reasons such as internet issues, outdated app version, or insufficient device storage.

Why is my Peacock app not launching on my Samsung TV?

There could be compatibility issues or it might be due to some technical glitch on Peacock’s server-side.

How can I fix the compatibility issues between the Peacock app and my Samsung TV?

Please ensure your Samsung TV software is updated to the latest version, and you’re using the most recent version of the Peacock app.

How often should I update the Peacock app on my Samsung TV?

Updating the app whenever a new version is available will ensure a smooth and efficient performance.

How can I contact Peacock customer support if my app is not working on my Samsung TV?

You can reach out to them via their official website or app, through their Contact Us or Support option.

What are some preventative measures to avoid the Peacock app from not working on my Samsung TV?

Regularly updating the app, clearing the cache and data, and ensuring your Samsung TV software is up-to-date are some preventive measures.

Why is my Peacock app not working despite a strong Internet connection?

Your app or Samsung TV’s software might be outdated, or it might be a server-side issue from Peacock.

Are some Samsung TV models not compatible with the Peacock app?

Yes, some outdated or specific Samsung models might not support the Peacock app. It’s best to check the compatibility on either company’s official website.