Troubleshooting Guide: What to Do When Paramount Plus App is Not Working on Your Samsung TV

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Get ready for an extravaganza of entertainment, sports, and news with the Paramount Plus app. This streaming service delivers a comprehensive library of TV shows, movies, and live content seamlessly on a plethora of devices including Samsung Smart TVs. However, as stellar as this app and Samsung TVs may be, they are not immune to issues. You may occasionally face glitches such as the Paramount Plus app not working on your Samsung TV. Understanding why this happens and learning ways to fix it can greatly enhance your viewing experience.

Understanding Paramount Plus App

The Paramount Plus app, born from the transition of CBS All Access into a more extensive streaming service, offers an array of remarkable content to binge-watch. With several popular shows from networks like CBS, MTV, Comedy Central, BET, and Nickelodeon, and exclusive originals, it’s every TV lover’s dream.

Available globally, you can stream content on Paramount Plus through numerous devices, including but not limited to, iOS and Android devices, Apple TV, and our focus for this piece, Samsung TVs.

Common Paramount Plus App Issues on Samsung TV

The usual problems experienced by users when using the Paramount Plus app on Samsung TVs include the app freezing, crashing, not starting, or streaming content in poor video quality. Such technical glitches can seriously hinder your streaming experience and may even lead to frustration.

Reports suggest that buffering and freezing issues are particularly common, mostly associated with network problems or compatibility issues between Samsung Smart TVs and the Paramount Plus app.

Potential Reasons Paramount Plus Is Not Working on Samsung TV

Several reasons may be causing the Paramount Plus app not to work on your Samsung TV. These might be related to network issues, app compatibility, or incorrect device settings.

Network Issues

Your Samsung TV must have a stable internet connection to stream content on the Paramount Plus app. A weak Wi-Fi connection could lead to buffering, freezing, or reduced video quality.

App Compatibility Issues

Not all Samsung Smart TVs support the Paramount Plus app. Compatibility issues remain one of the significant factors in the functioning or malfunctioning of the app on Samsung TVs.

Device Settings

Wrong device settings, like incorrect screen resolution, might prevent the Paramount Plus app from working correctly on your Samsung TV.

Understanding these issues in the context of Samsung TVs is therefore essential to troubleshoot effectively.

Troubleshooting the Paramount Plus App on Samsung TV

Facing an issue with the Paramount Plus app on your Samsung TV? Not to worry. Here are some steps that you can use to diagnose and fix the most common problems.

Ensure that you are on a high-speed, stable internet connection. If the problem persists, try restarting the app or your Samsung TV. Check compatibility between your TV and the app. You can do so by visiting the official Paramount Plus website.

Should the problem persist, contact customer care & support for Paramount Plus or Samsung. Provide them with the exact details of the issue, your TV model number, and any troubleshooting steps you’ve already taken.

Tips to Avoid Future Paramount Plus App Issues on Samsung TV

To make your streaming experience smoother, ensure you have installed the latest software updates for both your Samsung TV and the Paramount Plus app. Follow the official guidelines during the installation of the app and set the correct device settings.


Technology can exhibit hiccups at times, and it’s the same with the Paramount Plus app on Samsung TVs. Understanding this issue and knowing how to fix it can definitely enhance your binge-watching experience. So, keep calm, troubleshoot, and return to your entertainment sanctuary!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We’ve gathered some commonly asked questions to further help you in mending your Paramount Plus app.

What to do when the Paramount Plus app is not starting at all on Samsung TV?

Try restarting your TV or the app. If the problem remains, ensure that your Samsung TV supports the Paramount Plus app.

How to deal with frequent buffering or freezing of the Paramount Plus app on Samsung TV?

Check your connection speed or quality. If it falls below the recommended speed, consider upgrading.

Why is the video quality poor when using the Paramount Plus app on my Samsung TV?

A slow internet connection is likely to be the culprit. Upgrade to a high-speed connection for better video quality.

What to do if the Paramount Plus app is not aligning properly on the Samsung TV screen?

Check the screen resolution in your TV settings. Adjust it to fit the app in your screen correctly.

Currently, which Samsung TV models support the Paramount Plus app?

For updated information, please visit the official Paramount Plus website or their customer support.


For additional information, please refer to the guidelines provided on the official Paramount Plus website or Samsung’s customer support page depending on the type of issue you’re facing. They provide comprehensive solutions, guidelines, and FAQs to help escalate your television viewing experience.