Troubleshooting Guide: How to Fix Gmail Not Working on iPhone Issue

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Have you ever found yourself tapping on that Gmail icon on your iPhone, only to be met with unresponsive app or an error message? Don’t panic. Gmail not working on an iPhone is a common issue affecting many users globally. This article aims at providing an all-inclusive guide to diagnose and fix this issue, ensuring that your Gmail stays up to speed on your iPhone, so you never miss a beat in your digital communication world.

Understanding the Problem

Identifying the Issue

Identifying the issue is the first step towards resolution. iPhone users can detect the problem with Gmail in several ways. Your Gmail app may fail to open, crash upon opening, not send or receive emails, or may keep signalling ‘account not synced’ error.

Reasons Behind the Problem

There can be multiple reasons behind Gmail malfunctioning on iPhone. These can range from an unstable or weak internet connection, outdated applications or iOS, insufficient storage space, incorrect Gmail settings, or in some rare cases, a hacked Gmail account.

Consequences of Unresolved Problems

If left unresolved, your Gmail dysfunctionality on iPhone can lead to missed crucial emails, loss of pivotal data, inability to promptly reply to important correspondences, and potential breaches of private data.

Basic Troubleshooting Steps

Begin with the basics. Restart your iPhone to fix any temporary software glitches that might be causing Gmail issues. No luck? Proceed to check your internet connection. Stable connectivity is crucial for Gmail to function optimally. Next, update your Gmail app and ensure your iPhone’s software is up to date. Remember to also check if your Gmail has access to Cellular Data in your iPhone settings.

Detailed Solutions to Fix Gmail Not Working on iPhone

Re-Installing the Gmail App

Uninstall the Gmail App, then download it again from the App Store. This often resolves many app-based issues.

Checking Gmail Settings on iPhone

Ensure your Gmail settings on iPhone are correct. Especially, make sure your mail fetch frequency is set to ‘automatic’ to allow Gmail app to fetch new emails as soon as they arrive.

Removing and Adding Gmail Account Again

This can help renew the connection between your Gmail account and your iPhone.

Using the Apple Mail App

Alternatively, you can set up your Gmail account on the pre-installed Apple Mail app. This can often resolve any app-specific issues.

Updating the iOS

Ensure your iPhone’s OS is up to date. An outdated iOS may affect app performances, including Gmail.

Contacting Customer Support

If all else fails, it’s time to contact customer support. With sufficient information about the issue, they can guide you to a viable solution. You can contact Google support for Gmail specific issues and Apple Support for iPhone specific problems.

Preventive Measures to Avoid Similar Issues in Future

Regularly updating your Gmail app, checking your iPhone’s storage space, avoiding suspicious links or files and regularly backing up important mails can keep your Gmail in optimal condition and prevent potential issues.


Remember to stay vigilant about the functionality of your Gmail on iPhone. Frequent updates, correct settings and proactive security measures can save you from losing important correspondence and potential data breaches.


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