Troubleshooting Guide: Fixing the Fox Now App Issue on Samsung TVs

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The ability to transform our home televisions into entertainment powerhouses is one of the luxuries of this digital age. Unfortunately, however, we often encounter seemingly insurmountable issues such as the subject of our discussion in this article – the Fox Now app not working on Samsung TV. This guide is designed to assist users experiencing this disruption and aims to get you back to enjoying your favourite shows in no time.

Causes for Fox Now App Malfunction on Samsung TV

While issues like these can seem daunting, they usually boil down to a few common culprits.

Incorrect Installation or Update of the App

A regular occurrence blamed for app malfunction results from improper installation or updating of the software. If the install process is interrupted, corrupted, or completed incorrectly, it may result in the Fox Now app not working as expected.

Compatibility Issues

The compatibility of your Samsung TV with the Fox Now app might be another reason for the disruption. What this means is that the version of the app or TV might not be the correct one for them to work seamlessly together.

Network or Internet Connection Issues

Like most streaming apps, Fox Now requires a stable and strong Internet connection. If your network is unstable or your Internet speed is too slow, it might prevent your Fox Now app from loading or streaming correctly.

Steps to Troubleshoot Fox Now App Not Working on Samsung TV

So, what are the fixes? Here we delve into some troubleshooting tips you can follow to rectify the issue.

Checking Internet Connectivity

The first step is to ensure your Samsung TV is correctly connected to the Internet and that your network is functioning correctly. You may attempt to load a web page or stream from another app to test this.

Updating or Re-installing the Fox Now App

In the event of an improper installation or update, you might need to reinstall the Fox Now app. You can find the app on your Samsung TV app store, uninstall it, then reinstall it. Alternatively, you can check for updates to the app and update it accordingly.

Checking Samsung TV’s Firmware Version

Compatibility issues may be resolved by verifying the firmware version on your Samsung TV. Ensure that it’s up-to-date. Updates, when available, should be found in the settings menu of your Samsung TV.

Factory Resetting the Samsung TV

If all else fails, resetting the Samsung TV to factory settings is a bulletproof but drastic last resort. This would essentially erase all data and personalized settings on your TV.

Preventive Measures for Future Issues

Prevention, as they say, is better than cure. Here are some strategies to prevent similar issues in the future.

Regular Application Update

Regularly updating your Fox Now app can prevent such occurrences. Updates often fix bugs that may cause the app to malfunction.

Stable Internet Connection

Maintain a stable network connection to ensure smooth functioning of the app. Investing in a high-speed internet connection may yield better results.

Appropriate Installation and App Management

Install apps correctly and manage them appropriately. Regularly check your Samsung TV for updates and manage your apps for better performance.


In wrapping up, we’ve explored some of the potential causes for the Fox Now app not working on Samsung TV and provided step-by-step guides to troubleshoot this issue. Regular updates, maintaining a stable internet connection, and correct app installation and management can mitigate similar issues in the future. We hope you found this guide helpful and encourage you to apply these tips for a better Fox Now app experience on your Samsung TV.


Q: Can an outdated firmware version on my Samsung TV cause the Fox Now app not to work?

A: Yes, an outdated firmware version can cause compatibility issues with certain apps including the FOX Now app. Check for updates regularly to avoid such problems.

Q: Will reinstalling the Fox Now app on my Samsung TV delete my saved preferences on the app?

A: Yes, reinstalling the app will remove any saved preferences. However, if you have an account, your preferences can easily be restored.

Q: Can a VPN cause the Fox Now app to malfunction on my Samsung TV?

A: Yes, the Fox Now app may not perform correctly if you are connected to a VPN that changes your location. Alternatively, if the VPN has poor speeds, it might affect the streaming capabilities of the Fox Now app.