It’s no mystery that the video game industry has been running strong since it first started out with small 8-bit games as reported on games without games. What is a mystery is what are the kids playing these days? What is the most popular game right now that you can play? Here is a list of the top 3 video games that people are loving at the moment.


Number 3, Fortnite. Fortnite actually has about three different modes that you can play in: Playground, a sandbox mode that you can play alone or with friends. Save The World, a zombie shooting game where you go around with a team and collect people who are being attacked by zombies, you build up a home base and save the world. And Battle Royale, an all for 1 battling game where you go into a map and have to fight 99 other people for the win.


Number 2, Grand Theft Auto V. While this game might have came out years ago, it is still very popular in the video game world. The game has Two to Three modes, depending on which system you play it on. Mode 1 is the story, you control 3 different people in different stories until they all come together at the end. Mode 2 is Online, this is the mode you can play with friends. And Mode 3 is Directors Mode, here you can make short movies.


And Number 1, the most popular game on the list: Minecraft. Yes, people are still playing Minecraft, more now than they were a few years back. The game died for a while but recently everyone has started playing again and brought the life back into the game. It is a sandbox game where you can either play Survival mode and fight monsters, or creative where it’s peaceful.