Being sorted in any of the Hogwarts houses is one of the exciting moments and the beginning of a new life if you are new among the witch and wizards. However, numerous questions are revolving around the area of being sorted in various houses. Some of these questions include, what does it implies being sorted in a certain house? How does it affect your personality, strength, and weakness?


This article accentuates the significant characteristics that determine every member of the Hogwarts houses. This article reveals all the different houses’ aspects to provide you with detailed information concerning the houses.


Gryffindor house


This house was established by Godric Gryffindor and is now being managed by Professor Minerva McGonagall. Gryffindor has been identified as the most focused and excellent house in the Harry Potter series. It also gets much of the page-time devoted to describing the story behind its culture and foundation.


Gryffindor appears vibrant among the others since it has all the quality traits under the harry potter series. Besides, across the series, a number of individuals have been sorted to the Gryffindor house, which has made it look like an exclusive club.


Weaknesses of Gryffindor




A significant number of the Gryffindor’s has been found to be reckless in accomplishing their objectives. This is a result of misusing their daring and courage traits.


Being arrogant\


Most of the Gryffindor’s have been identified to be charismatic and good on most of the occasions, which makes them develop an inflated sense, thus becoming arrogant.


Strength of Gryffindor




They don’t fear approaching danger when there is a good reason behind it. Most of them run into danger on most occasions.




The Gryffindor’s reveals their bravery in everything they do and face any adversity.


The Ravenclaw House


The house was formed by Rowena Ravenclaw and is now led by Professor Filius Flitwick. Among all the houses in the series, the Ravenclaw attains the smallest amount of attention than the rest. This house consists of the least number of major characters across the harry potter series. This is a result of sorting out some of the main characters who strengthened the house to other areas.


Despite all these challenges and shortcomings, Ravenclaw has the most outstanding sense of house identity and fellowship. In addition, there are numerous online communities hosted by Ravenclaw ready to absorb new members.


Weaknesses of Ravenclaw




Most of the Ravenclaws isolate themselves from the rest and sometimes from their fellow Ravenclaws.


The strength of Ravenclaw


They are creative


Most of the Ravenclaws thinks outside the box, thus making them unique.

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