Step-by-Step Guide to Successfully Reset Your Cync Light Bulb

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The digital age has served us with a wave of smart devices that have revolutionized our daily living. Leading the charge are smart light bulbs, namely Cync smart light bulbs (previously known as C by GE). With the ability to adjust brightness, set schedules, and even change color, these futuristic bulbs have made mundane tasks much more interesting and convenient. In this article, you are about to understand the essentiality of resetting your Cync light bulb and how you can do it with ease and precision, thereby saving time and ensuring uninterrupted service.

The Need for a Cync Light Bulb Reset

Like any other smart device, there can be times when your bulb may need a reboot. Instances such as smart home systems failing to recognize your Cync light bulb, or the bulb behaving unusually, may require a complete reset. Sometimes, the bulb may not respond to commands, or it might not connect to your smart home hub or wireless network. Largely, if your bulb is not functioning as it should or if it’s time to decommission it from its current setup, a reset is required.

Understanding the Cync Light Bulb

Loaded with flamboyant features, Cync light bulb breaks the stereotype of a regular light bulb. From luminescent adjustments to color interplays, this smart device is undoubtedly a modern marvel. Within these advanced functionalities lies a straightforward reset protocol, designed to ensure your smart bulb’s optimal performance. Knowing how to navigate this function empowers you to swiftly resolve any issues that might arise and gets your bulb back up and running in no time.

Step-by-Step Guide to Resetting a Cync Light Bulb

Resetting your Cync light bulb is a rather straightforward process. Before resetting, make sure the bulb is powered and connected to your home’s Wi-Fi.

Resetting the Cync Light bulb

To commence the reset, start with switching off the light bulb, and then switch it back on five times in a row, with an interval of approximately five seconds between each on-off cycle.

Post Reset Actions

Once complete, the bulb will briefly flicker, signaling the successful operation. Thereafter, reconnect the bulb to the Cync or the Google Home app (as per your previous configuration) and resume normal use.

Troubleshooting Cync Light Bulb Reset Problems

Despite being a relatively simple process, you might encounter issues while resetting your Cync light bulb. The most common issue is the bulb not flickering post the reset process, indicating an unsuccessful reset. In these scenarios, repeating the reset process might help.

How to Prevent the Need for Frequent Resets of Cync Light Bulbs

To prevent frequent resets, it is advisable to operate your smart bulb with care. Avoid power surges by utilizing good quality surge protectors. Following best practices like regular updates for your smart home hub and maintaining a stable Wi-Fi connection can also prolong the life and smooth operation of your Cync light bulb.


Resetting your Cync light bulb is a crucial skill required to ensure its longevity and optimized performance. By understanding the indications of an impending reset and mastering the reset process, you can enjoy a near-uninterrupted experience with your smart bulbs.


Why won’t my Cync light bulb reset?

You might not be following the correct on-off pattern. Ensure you are turning it off and on five times in a sequence with an approximate five second interval between each cycle.

How often should a Cync light bulb be reset?

A Cync light bulb needs to be reset only under certain circumstances, such as when it’s not responding to commands or if you’re planning to decommission it.

Can the Cync light bulb be reset remotely?

No, the current version of Cync light bulbs do not support remote reset functionality.

How to know if the Cync Light Bulb reset was successful?

Your Cync light bulb will flicker briefly after a successful reset.

What should be done if the Cync light bulb won’t connect after a reset?

If your bulb won’t connect post a successful reset, make sure your Wi-Fi is active and stable. Ensure that your bulb and device are well within the Wi-Fi range. If the issue persists, retry the reset process.