Step-by-Step Guide to Change Your Gosund Smart Device’s WiFi Network

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Understanding Gosund Smart Devices

Overview of Gosund Smart Devices and Their Capabilities

Imagine having complete control of your home, down to the very light bulbs and power outlets, right at the comfort of your smartphone. That’s what Gosund smart devices greet us with. As a brand, Gosund promises state-of-the-art home automation with its line-up of smart light bulbs, plugs, switches, and more, which are governed by IoT (Internet of Things) technology.

With integrated Wi-Fi, Gosund devices can be controlled using a dedicated smartphone application and even touchpoints like voice commands via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. This presents users with the luxury of tweaking lights to the desired brightness or scheduling power outlets to turn off, all without being physically present.

Importance of WiFi Connection in Gosund Devices

The Wi-Fi function in Gosund devices is the lifeline of their smart capabilities. It connects these devices to your smartphone through an internet network, offering you remote control and accessibility. Without a stable Wi-Fi connection, the ability to command and coordinate Gosund’s smart devices right from your device is rendered futile.

Gosund and WiFi Networks

Existing WiFi Network Used By Gosund

Your Gosund device initially connects to the Wi-Fi network that you configure while setting it up. This network becomes the device’s default connection, allowing the gadget to connect to the internet, receive commands, and perform according to your personalized settings.

Need for Changing WiFi Network on Gosund

Globe-spanning as the Wi-Fi is, there can be times when a change of network is required for your Gosund smart devices. You may switch to a faster internet service, relocate and consequently change your Wi-Fi setup, or even face security issues warranting Wi-Fi password updates. In such cases, reconfiguring your Gosund devices to connect to the new network becomes a necessity.

Preparation for Changing WiFi Network

Checking WiFi Compatibility with Gosund Devices

Ensure that your new network is compatible with Gosund products before making any changes. Gosund smart devices require a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network for optimal performance. It’s an essential step, since your devices won’t be able to connect to the 5GHz bandwidth that some routers use.

Ensuring Stability of The New WiFi Network

When transitioning to a new Wi-Fi network, it’s vital to ensure the network’s stability. Gosund devices need a stable and robust connection to function efficiently – intermittent connections can lead to your Gosund devices being unresponsive or dysfunctional.

Step-by-Step Procedure for Changing WiFi Network

Initial Steps

To change the Wi-Fi network on your Gosund device, start by opening the Gosund app on your smartphone. Select the device whose Wi-Fi connection you want to change from the “home screen and navigate to its settings.

Changing the WiFi Network

In the settings menu, select the ‘Wi-Fi Network’ option and then choose your new Wi-Fi network from the list provided. Key in your password for the new network when prompted. Ensure you enter the correct information, as any misstep can prevent your Gosund device from connecting to your new network.

Finalizing and Confirming the Network Change

Once you have entered the details, the app will process the information for a few moments before confirming the network change. If the new details are correct, the device will connect to your new Wi-Fi. To ensure everything is functioning smoothly, test the device by sending commands from your Gosund app.

Troubleshooting WiFi Connection Issues

Common WiFi Connection Problems

While Gosund smart devices are designed to provide ease of use, users may occasionally encounter issues while changing the WiFi network. Common problems include the device not connecting to the new Wi-Fi, or losing connection intermittently.

Solutions to Common Issues

If your Gosund device doesn’t connect to the new Wi-Fi, ensure you entered the correct Wi-Fi name and password, and the network runs on 2.4GHz bandwidth. For intermittent connection issues, try moving your Gosund device closer to the router to strengthen the Wi-Fi signal.


Summary of the Procedure of Changing WiFi Network on Gosund Devices

Changing a Wi-Fi network on Gosund devices requires understanding your device, ensuring your new Wi-Fi is compatible and stable, and changing the network via the Gosund app smoothly. Troubleshooting requires identifying common problems and implementing solutions for a seamless experience.

Final Thoughts and Recommendations

After successfully changing the Wi-Fi network, complement your Gosund device’s functions by using strong and secure passwords for your Wi-Fi network. Always keep your Gosund app updated for optimal device performance, and position your smart devices within good range of your router for a stable and strong connection.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Gosund devices connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi networks?

No, Gosund devices only connect to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks. Ensure your router broadcasts in this bandwidth before attempting to connect your Gosund devices.

2. What should I do if my Gosund device doesn’t connect to my new network?

Ensure your Wi-Fi network is stable & compatible, password is correct, and the Gosund device is within range of your router. If the issue persists, try resetting your device and reconnecting it to your network.

3. Do all my Gosund devices need to be on the same WiFi network?

While it’s not mandatory, it’s recommended to keep all your devices on the same network for ease of control and seamless synchronicity across your smart home setup.